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Boy Names Index > Page 3 - German Boys Names

German Boys Names

Find great German Boys Names here... Sure well-known names such as "Fritz" & "Otto" are on the list, but little known treasure are there as well.

The thing to do is to browse and discover for yourself how truly terrific these boy names are. The lesson here is that when it comes to boy names from Germany, there are plenty of wonderful choices to suit just about anybody's tastes!

I remember when I was selecting names for my first child... I wanted to see EVERYTHING. I didn't want to miss a single great name. So, in that same spirit of thorough carefulness we present you with the following list of terrific German boys names...

Enjoy and don't hesitate to take a look at the entire website.

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M/F German Boys Names Meaning of Name Origin
MRedmondprotecting counselorGerman
MRibertobrilliant because of his powerGerman
MRichartrich and powerful rulerGerman
MRigobertosplendid; wealthyGerman
MRitterknight; chivalrousGerman
MRizieriarmy of the leaderGerman
MRodgerfamous spearmanGerman
MRodmanfamous spearmanGerman
MRodrickfamous rulerGerman
MRolandfamous throughout the countryGerman
MRolfswift wolfGerman
MRolfwolf counselorGerman
MRomualdothe glorious kingGerman
MRoryfamous rulerGerman
MRosendothe excellent masterGerman
MRudigerfamous warriorGerman
MRudolffamous wolfGerman
MRudolphfamous wolfGerman
MRupertfamous brillianceGerman
MRuprechtfamous brillianceGerman
MSalutianoenjoys good healthGerman
M German Boys NamesOrigin
MSeifertvictorious peaceGerman
MSeppGod will addGerman
MSiegmundvictorious protectorGerman
MSigvictorious peaceGerman
MSigfredovictorious peaceGerman
MSigurdvictorious guardianGerman
MSigwaldvictorious leaderGerman
MSinaprince; sparklingGerman
MTabnershining, brilliant; springGerman
MTalatbright valleyGerman
MTancredoshrewdly gives adviceGerman
MTerelthunder rulerGerman
MTerrellthunder rulerGerman
MTerrellethunder rulerGerman
MTheobaldpeople's princeGerman
MTheodoricruler of the peopleGerman
MTillruler of the peopleGerman
MTobiasGod is goodHebrew
MUlbrechtnoble and brightGerman
MUlferfierce as a wolfGerman
MUllocksporting wolfGerman
MUllricpowerful ruler of allGerman
MUllricpowerful ruler of allGerman
MUlrichwolf rulerGerman
MUltmannoble stoneGerman
MUwepowerful ruler of allGerman
MValfredothe peaceful kingGerman
MVarickprotecting rulerGerman
MVarrickprotecting rulerGerman
MVernerdefending armyGerman
MVerrillmasculine; loyalGerman
MVigbertoone who shines in battleGerman
MVilhelmdetermined guardianGerman
MWagnerwagoneer; wagon makerGerman
MWalbertoone who remains in powerGerman
MWaldemarpowerful; famousGerman
MWallachfrom Wales, EnglandGerman
MWalmondmighty rulerGerman
MWandaboss of the lawlessGerman
MWarnerarmed defender; park keeperGerman
M German Boys NamesOrigin
MWarrengeneral; wardenGerman
MWelbyfarm near the wellGerman
MWendelwanderer; good valleyGerman
MWendellwanderer; good valleyGerman
MWiesrenowned warriorGerman
MWilfreddetermined peacemakerGerman
MWilhelmdetermined guardianGerman
MWillemdetermined guardianGerman
MWilliamsson of WilliamGerman
MWilliedetermined guardianGerman
MWillydetermined guardianGerman
MWilmerdetermined and famousGerman
MWolfgang wolf's progressGerman
MYohanGod is graciousGerman
MZamielasked of GodGerman
MZolaprince; ball of earthGerman

*German Boys Names - compiled by research & survey

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