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Boy Names Index > Page 1 - German Boy Names

German Boy Names

Find great German Boy Names here... Sure well-known names such as "Fritz" & "Otto" are on the list, but little known treasure are there as well.

The thing to do is to browse and discover for yourself how truly terrific these boy names are. The lesson here is that when it comes to boy names from Germany, there are plenty of wonderful choices to suit just about anybody's tastes!

I remember when I was selecting names for my first child... I wanted to see EVERYTHING. I didn't want to miss a single great name. So, in that same spirit of thorough carefulness we present you with the following list.

Enjoy and don't hesitate to take a look at the entire website.

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M/F German Boy Names Meaning of Name Origin
MAdelbertnoble bearGerman
MAdolfnoble wolfGerman
MAgileospade of a fighterGerman
MAlbertnoble and brightGerman
MAldelmoold helmetGerman
MAmoryindustrious leaderGerman
MAnselmdivine protectorGerman
MArmengolready for combatGerman
MArvinfriend of the armyGerman
MAubreynoble; bearlikeGerman
MBaldwinbold friendGerman
MBallardbrave; strongGerman
MBaronnobleman, baronGerman
MBarrettstrong as a bearGerman
MBarronnobleman, baronGerman
MBerlcup bearer, wine servantGerman
MBerlynboundary lineGerman
MBernbrave as a bearGerman
MBernardbrave as a bearGerman
MBernhardcourage of a bearGerman
MBerniebrave as a bearGerman
MBertrambright; illustriousGerman
MBingkettle-shaped hollowGerman
MBogartstrong as a bowGerman
MBryoncottage; bearGerman
MBorisfight, warriorRussian
MBuckmale deerGerman
MBuellhill dwellerGerman
MCalrosfree manGerman
MChadrickmighty warriorGerman
MChristophChrist bearerGreek
MClausvictorious peopleGerman
MClodioglorious manGerman
MClovisfamous soldierGerman
MDedricruler of the peopleGerman
MDennisgod of wineGreek
MDieterarmy of the peopleGerman
MDieterichruler of the peopleGerman
MDietrichruler of the peopleGerman
MDisibodobold wise oneGerman
MDustinvaliant fighterGerman
MEllerydweller by the alder treeGerman
MEmmettindustrious; strongGerman
M German Boy NamesOrigin
MErdento be of the EarthGerman
MErichpowerful ruler of allScandinavian
MErnstearnest and sincereGerman
MEwaldalways powerfulGerman
MFaberbean growerGerman
MFinnfrom FinlandGerman
MFloribertobrilliant masterGerman
MFolkeguard of the peopleGerman
MFonzienoble and eagerGerman
MFreddrickpeaceful rulerGerman
MFremontfree; noble protectorGerman
MFridmundpeaceful rulerGerman
MFulbertohe who shinesGerman
MFulbrightvery brightGerman
MGaborgift; talentGerman
MGaribaldobold with a lanceGerman
MGarymighty spearmanGerman
MGerhardbrave spearmanGerman
MGerhardbrave spearmanGerman
MGesualdothe prisoner of the kingGerman
MGoddarddivinely firmGerman
MGodeardohe who is valiantGerman
MGotardohe who is valiantGerman
MGriswoldgray forestGerman
MGuadalbertohe is all powerfulGerman
MGundislavojoy; strengthGerman
MGuthriewar heroGerman
MHackettlittle wood cutterGerman
MHaganstrong defenseGerman
MHaldenhalf DanishScandinavian
MHamletlittle villageGerman
MHannaGod is graciousGerman
MHannahGod is graciousGerman
MHannoGod is graciousGerman
MHartmanhard; strongGerman
MHartwigstrong advisorGerman
MHarveyarmy warriorGerman
MHeinrichruler of the householdGerman
MHeinzruler of the householdGerman
MHeinzruler of the householdGerman
MHenleyruler of the householdGerman

*German Boy Names - compiled by research & survey

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