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Boy Names Index > Page 2 - Boy German Names

Boy German Names

Find great Boy German Names here... Sure well-known names such as "Fritz" & "Otto" are on the list, but little known treasure are there as well.

The thing to do is to browse and discover for yourself how truly terrific these boy names are. The lesson here is that when it comes to boy names from Germany, there are plenty of wonderful choices to suit just about anybody's tastes!

I remember when I was selecting names for my first child... I wanted to see EVERYTHING. I didn't want to miss a single great name. So, in that same spirit of thorough carefulness we present you with the following list.

Enjoy and don't hesitate to take a look at the entire website.

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M/F Boy German Names Meaning of Name Origin
MHenningruler of the householdGerman
MHerbertglorious soldierGerman
MHermalindolike a shield of strengthGerman
MHermansoldier; nobleGerman
MHerrickwar kingGerman
MHewittlittle smart oneGerman
MHildericwarrior; fortressGerman
MHilliardbrave warriorGerman
MHobarthill belonging to BartGerman
MHorstdense grove, thicketGerman
MHughheart; mindGerman
MHugolinohas spirit and intelligenceGerman
MHumbertbrilliant strengthGerman
MIlbertdistinguished fighterGerman
MIldefonsototally prepared for combatGerman
MIsarnoeagle of ironGerman
MIvoyew wood; bow woodGerman
M Boy German NamesOrigin
MJarmanfrom GermanyGerman
MJarvisskilled with a spearGerman
MJoachimGod will establishHebrew
MJohannGod is graciousGerman
MJohannesGod is graciousGerman
MKarlCarl's townGerman
MKeenebold; sharpGerman
MKeiferbarrel makerGerman
MKelbyfarm by the springGerman
MKennerone who is an expertGerman
MKennisknowledge; skillGerman
MKonradbrave counselorGerman
MKrischanfollower of ChristGerman
MKurthonest counselorGerman
MLadolfoskillful as a wolf in the cityGerman
MLandricruler of the landGerman
MLennybrave as a lionGerman
MLeonardbrave as a lionGerman
MLeonhardbrave as a lionGerman
MLindbergmountain of linden treesGerman
MLindbertmountain of linden treesGerman
MLinfredpeaceful, calmGerman
MLonzonoble and eagerGerman
MLoringson of the famous warriorGerman
MLotariothe distinguished warriorGerman
MLoudonlow valleyGerman
MLouiefamous warriorGerman
MLouisfamous in battleGerman
MLudovicfamous warriorGerman
MLudwigfamous warriorGerman
MLukasbringer of lightGerman
MMalloryarmy counselorGerman
MManheimservant's homeGerman
MManriquepowerful leaderGerman
MMarkusmartial and warlikeLatin
MMatheugift of GodGerman
MMathiasgift of GodHebrew
MMathisgift of GodGerman
MMedardoboldly powerfulGerman
MMeinhardstrong firmnessGerman
MMeinradstrong counselorGerman
M Boy German NamesOrigin
MMichaelwho is like God?Hebrew
MMilkopeaceful, calmGerman
MMilomillstone, mercifulGerman
MNardostrong, hardyGerman
MNikolasvictory of the peopleGreek
MNitgardomaintains a combative stanceGerman
MObertonoble and brightGerman
MOdericopowerful in richesGerman
MOdoacrowatches over his inheritanceGerman
MOlegariodominates with the lanceGerman
MOlricwolf ruler, ruler of allGerman
MOnofriopeaceful strengthGerman
MOsmaroshines like the glory of GodGerman
MOttorich, wealthyGerman
MPardulfobrave warriorGerman
MPenrodfamous commanderGerman
MPepindetermined; petitionerGerman
MPoldistrength of a lionGerman
MRaimundmighty, wise protectorGerman
MRaulstrong, wise counselGerman

*Boy German Names - compiled by research & survey

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