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Girl Names Index > Page 2 - German Baby Girl Names

German Baby Girl Names

When I think of German Baby Girl Names, I think cool mountains, sumptuous food, and tradition!... Definitely the epitome of "Culture"... The German people have always been a people of pride and tradition. Listed below are names that celebrate the culture and enlighten the rest of us.

So, by all means use our list to help build your short list of names. You see, we specialize in bringing you thousands of names from cultures, and ethnicities all over the world. -- Listen... Your baby's name is our business, AND we take that very seriously! We think diversity is awesome, and what's more, so do many parents who are more willing to select unique names for their children these days.

We at Top 100 Baby Names Search have tried very hard to provide you with Great German baby girl names and much more!... But don't take my word for it. Browse around and decide for yourself. After all this is a very special time in your life!... So enjoy it.

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M/F German Baby Girl Names Meaning of Name Origin
FEverettcourageous as a boarGerman
FEverildacourageous as a boarGerman
FFernandadaring; adventurousGerman
FFredaelf counselorGerman
FFrederikapeaceful rulerGerman
FFridaelf counselorGerman
FFriedaelf counselorGerman
FFrinefemale toadGerman
FFrodinawise friendGerman
FGenevievewhite waveGerman
FGeraldinemighty with a spearGerman
FGertiebeloved warrior womanGerman
FGertrudebeloved warrior womanGerman
FGibitrudagives strengthGerman
FGilbertepledge; trustworthyGerman
FGontildafamous warriorGerman
FGretchenmy pearlGerman
FGrettamy pearlGerman
FGriceldagray warrior womanGerman
FGriselgray warrior womanGerman
FGriseldagray warrior womanGerman
FGualteriaarmy ruler; generalGerman
FGuiomarfamous in combatGerman
FGundelindachaplain in the battleGerman
FGundeniafighter in the battleGerman
FHelmadetermined guardianGerman
FHeresvidanumerous troopsGerman
FHeribertaglorious soldierGerman
FHerlindapleasant, sweetGerman
FHermildabattle of forceGerman
FHerminsendapath of strengthGerman
FHettieruler of the householdGerman
FHildaarmored warriorGerman
FHildebrandabattle swordGerman
FHildemarcanoble warriorGerman
FHilmerfamous warriorGerman
FHiltrudastrong warriorGerman
FHomerawoman who cannot seeGerman
FHubertabright mind; bright spiritGerman
FHuettebright mind; bright spiritGerman
FIdahard working; prosperousGerman
FIldaheroine in battleGerman
FIliseconsecrated to GodGerman
FIlsaconsecrated to GodGerman
FImahard workingGerman
FIsaldinapowerful warriorGerman
FIseldaremains faithfulGerman
FIsmeldabattles with a swordGerman
FJarviaskilled with a spearGerman
FJessaminejasmine flowerGerman
FJohanaGod is graciousGerman
FJohanneGod is graciousGerman
FLambertabright landGerman
FLamiabright landGerman
FLeonabrave as a lionessGerman
FLeondrabrave as a lionessGerman
FLeoniebrave as a lionessGerman
FLeopoldaprincess of the villageGerman
FLiduvinafriend of the villageGerman
FLieseconsecrated to GodGerman
FLieselconsecrated to GodGerman
FLiobabeloved; valuedGerman
FLiseconsecrated to GodGerman
FLoisfamous warriorGerman
FLorealalluring; siren of Rhine RiverGerman
FLottelittle and strongGerman
FLottielittle and strongGerman
FLuannagraceful woman warriorGerman
FLurleenmythological sea sirenGerman
FLutgardashe who protects her villageGerman
FMalfredapeaceful workerGerman
FMalloryarmy counselorGerman
FMareldarenowned warriorGerman
FMarielenasea of bitternessGerman
FMarlenahigh towerGerman
FMathildepowerful battlerGerman
FMatildapowerful battlerGerman

*German Baby Girl Names - compiled by research & survey

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