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Girl Names Index > Page 3 - German Girls Names

German Girls Names

If you're looking for German Girls Names you've definitely com to the right place. We've got the most comprehensive world, religious, humorous, and entertaining baby name lists on the net today.

I have three children and I can distinctly remember what fun it was to pick out their names and discuss them at length (Okay, ARGUE at length...) about them. I also remember feel a little concerned that the names were going to stick for life, so I wanted good ones. We at Top 100 Baby Names Search have tried to provide you just that... Good Ones!...

We at Top 100 Baby Names Search have tried very hard to provide you just that... Great BABY GIRLS NAMES!... But don't take my word for it. Browse around and decide for yourself. After all this is a very special time in your life!... So enjoy it.

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M/F German Girls Names Meaning of Name Origin
FMeliahard workingGerman
FMerudinafamous, notableGerman
FMilbakind protectorGerman
FMilderedagentle counselorGerman
FMiletagenerous, mercifulGerman
FMilgitapleasant womanGerman
FMilvakind protectorGerman
FMinalove; blue skyGerman
FMiniagreat; strongGerman
FMirellashining seaGerman
FMitzysea of bitternessGerman
FMonikasolitary, advisorGerman
FNantildedaring in combatGerman
FNettanice personGerman
FNixiewater spriteGerman
FNotburgaprotected beautyGerman
FOdetteode; melodicGerman
FOnofledisshows her swordGerman
F   ---German Girls NamesOrigin
FOrlandafamous throughout the landGerman
FOvidiatakes care of the sheepGerman
FRaewise protectionGerman
FRahelfemale sheepGerman
FRainamighty rulerGerman
FRaineyruler of judgmentGerman
FRamonawise protectionGerman
FRandelleshield wolfGerman
FRaquildabattle counselorGerman
FRatrudisfaithful counselorGerman
FRaymondewise protectorGerman
FRennystrong judgmentGerman
FRichellerich and powerful rulerGerman
FRictrudapowerful strengthGerman
FRigobertabrilliant advisorGerman
FRillastream; brookGerman
FRodericafamous rulerGerman
FRolandafamous throughout the landGerman
FRolenefamous throughout the landGerman
FRolondafamous throughout the landGerman
FRomeliaglorious heroineGerman
FRonyaadvisor; counselorGerman
FRosamondfamous guardianGerman
FRosendaexcellent ladyGerman
FRosildahorse-riding warriorGerman
FRothared; red-hairedGerman
FRudeefamous wolfGerman
FRuefamous; streetGerman
FRutiliashines brightlyGerman
FSalabergadefends the sacrificeGerman
FSeldagray woman warriorGerman
FSelmadivine protector; fair, justGerman
FSigmundavictorious protectorGerman
F   ---German Girls NamesOrigin
FSigradafamous because of the victoryGerman
FStinafollower of ChristGerman
FTeodequildawarrior of her villageGerman
FTeolindaloves her villageGerman
FTerrellethunder rulerGerman
FTilliepowerful battlerGerman
FTrudybeloved warriorGerman
FTusneldashe who fights giantsGerman
FUlricawolf ruler; ruler of allGerman
FUrracaa blackbird; magpieGerman
FUtarich; poemGerman
FValburgadefends on the battlefieldGerman
FValdafamous rulerGerman
FValdradagives adviceGerman
FValtrudastrong dynastyGerman
FVedisspirit from the forestGerman
FVelmadetermined guardianGerman
FVenidleflag of the warriorGerman
FVihelminadetermined guardianGerman
FWaldapowerful; famousGerman
FWereburgaprotector of the armyGerman
FWildauntamed; willowGerman
FWilhelminadetermined guardianGerman
FWillaresolute protectorGerman
FWilleenresolute protectorGerman
FWilmadetermined guardianGerman
FWinpeaceful friendGerman
FWinefridapeaceful friendGerman
FWinifredpeaceful friendGerman
FWulfildefights with the wolvesGerman
FZedislavaglory, honorGerman

*German Girls Names - compiled by research & survey

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