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World Names > Page 1 - Ugandan Baby Names

Ugandan Baby Names

Find terrific Ugandan Baby Names... because at Top 100 Baby Names Search we have researched long and hard to provide you with a comprehensive list of baby names.

We've got the most comprehensive religious, humorous, and entertaining baby name lists on the net today... I have three children of my own -- and I can distinctly remember what fun it was to pick out their names and discuss them at length (Okay, ARGUE at length...) about them. I also remember feeling a bit concerned that the names were going to stick for life, so I wanted good ones.

At Top 100 Baby Names Search we have tried hard to provide you just that... Great Ugandan Baby Names and so much more!... But don't take my word for it. Browse around and decide for yourself. After all this is a very special time in your life!... So enjoy it.

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M/F Ugandan Baby Names Meaning of Name Origin
FAbothisurprisingly usefulJopadhola
FAcanithard timesAteso
FAchenone of the twinsAteso
FAdongofirstborn of twin sistersAteso
MAdroaGod's willLuganda
MAkelloI have boughtAlur
MAlanyoborn when parents were apartLuo
MAlikurairatakes ages to mature mentallyRutooro
MAllopuborn after period of famineAteso
MAngoritlast-born sonAteso
MAnjaitborn on grassAteso
FApiosecond-born of twin sistersAteso
FBabiryefirstborn of twinsLuganda
FBaciadevastating deaths in the familyLugbara
FBagambaignore the ill-talk of enemiesRutooro
MBagambathey wentLusoga
MBahemukapeople are equalRunyoro
FBaingamapeople are equalRutooro
FBalikurairatakes ages to mature mentallyRutooro
MBalindafortitude and patienceRutooro
MBalondemuchosen oneMusoga
FBategekapeople planRunyoro
MBategekapeople planRunyoro
MBattetotem is an elephantLuganda
MBbalelegendary home of the MutimaLuganda
FBeesigyethey have trust in GodRukiga
MBeesigyethey have trust in GodRukiga
MBikutwalaproblems make you seek helpLuganda
FBirungisomething nice; prettyLuganda
MBirungisomething nice; perfectLuganda
MBitalofinger-licking goodLuganda
MBrahmathe CreatorHindi
MBwanbalesecond-born maleRukonjo
MBwireborn at nightBakedi
FByaitakaborn to dieRutooro
MByaitakaborn to dieRutooro
MByangireekadoomed to failureRutooro
MByanruhangarelated to GodRutooro
MByarugabarelated to GodRukiga
MByembandwafor a GodRunyoro
MDambaboy of peaceLuganda
MEjauwe have receivedAteso
FEkellotgirl born after twinsAteso
FEmojungthe old oneKaramojong
MEnanibewitched when pregnantLugbara
MEngemulight eaterAteso
MGwandoyamet with miseryLuganda
MHiryanganasusceptible to harmLunyole
MIrumbaborn after twinsRutooro
MIsabiryefather of twinsLusoga
MIsingomafirstborn of twin boysRutooro
FJendyosethis child is my honorLuganda
MJimiyuborn in a dry seasonAbaluhya
MKabilitoborn while foreigners visitRutooro
FKabonesatrouble being bornRutooro
MKabonesatrouble being bornRutooro
MKadokechibitter soupMudama
MKaikaragod of the BanyoroRunyoro
FKajugababy that cries a lotRunyan.
MKakurufirstborn of twinsRunyan.
MKakyomyagod of the BanyoroRunyoro
MKamirakwoborn during famineRunyan.
MKamogaancestral and royal nameLuganda
MKamukamaprotected by GodRunyan.
MKamyaborn after twin brothersLuganda
MKarilisason of a herdsmanRunyan.
MKarutundalittle personRunyan.
MKarwanaborn during wartimeRutooro
MKatosecond-born of twinsRunyan.
MKatungirich personRunyan.
MKaturamuborn after a long pregnancyRutooro
MKayongagreat warrior of Ankole clanRunyan.
FKenyangiwhite egretRukiga
FKibibibeautiful fat girlRunyan.
MKibuukabrave warrior in BugandaLuganda
FKigongoborn before twinsLuganda
MKigongoborn before twinsLuganda
FKihoborn on a foggy dayRutooro
MKihoborn on a foggy dayRutooro
FKijaifirst girl born in a familyAteso
MKintufirst manUgandan
FKisembobaby is a gift from GodRutooro
FKissaborn after twinsUgandan

*Ugandan Baby Names - compiled by research & survey

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