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World Names > Page 3 - Uganda Baby Names

Uganda Baby Names

Discover a super long list of fabulous Uganda Baby Names... I don't know about you -- when I think of African names, I think culture and  tradition... All of these qualities provide a wonderful reason why you should consider some of the great baby names below... So, if you are looking for great baby names that will help open your eyes to new possibilities, then you've come to the right page.

Your baby's name is our business, AND we take that very seriously. We've got the most comprehensive religious, humorous, and entertaining baby name lists on the net today...

After all, we at Top 100 Baby Names Search have tried very hard to provide you with great Uganda Baby Names and more... But don't take my word for it.

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M/F Uganda Baby Names Meaning of Name Origin
FNamusisipregnant during earthquakeLuganda
FNamusobiyahas offendedMusoga
MNangilaborn when parents traveledAbaluhya
FNangomathrone; a princessLuganda
FNanjalaborn during famineLugisu
FNankundasomeone loves meRunyan.
FNantaleclan totem is a lionLuganda
FNantumbwegirl with big legsLuganda
FNanziriclan totem is a fishLuganda
FNasicheborn in the locust seasonMusoga
FNasikyeborn during locust swarmLumasaba
FNassunaclan totem is a fishLuganda
FNatukundaGod loves usRunyan.
MNatukundoGod loves usRunyan.
MNkalativery hard treeLuganda
MNkalubbohard timesLuganda
MNkundaI love those who hate meRunyan.
MNsubugaclan totem is a fishLuganda
FNsungwaborn after twinsRutooro
MNtegeclan totem is a skunkLuganda
MNyakoojofifth-born son in rowRutooro
FNyangomaone of the twinsRutooro
MNyatuifights tigersAbaluhya
MOcanhard timesLuo
MOchenone of the twinsAteso
MOchiengborn in the daytimeLuo
MOcholaone of the twinsLuo
MOdongoborn after twinsLuo
MOgwambialways unfortunateLuganda
MOidusharp-eyed personAteso
MOjoreman of warAteso
MOkelloborn after twin brothersAteso
MOkothborn when it was rainingLuo
MOkwareborn at nightAteso
MOlupotborn after brother diedAteso
MOnekaborn to dieLuo
MOnyaitborn on the grassAteso
MOnyangoborn in the morningLusamia
MOpiofirstborn of twin boysAteso
MOtemborn away from homeLuo
MOthiambaborn in the afternoonLuo
MOthienoborn in the eveningLuo
MOumaborn with Caesarian surgeryLuo
MOwolenot expected to live longMadi
MRokaniborn after siblings diedMadi
MRuhakanaargumentative personRukiga
MRwakaikaragod of Banyoro peopleRunyoro
FSabitiborn on SundayRutooro
MSabitiborn on SundayRutooro
MSebowaborn in Bowa, UgandaLuganda
MSemandaclan totem is a cowLuganda
MSempalaborn during prosperityLuganda
MSenyangewhite egretLuganda
MSeragoddess in Lugisu traditionLugisu
MSetimbaRiver in UgandaLuganda
MTayebwaGod never forgetsRunyan.
FTibyangyeeverything belongs to GodRunyan.
MTibyangyeeverything belongs to GodRunyan.
MTombevillage in northern UgandaKakwa
FTumushabewe pray to GodRukiga
MTumushabewe pray to GodRukiga
MTumusiimewe thank GodRukiga
FTumusilimewe thank GodRukiga
FTuryahumurawe will see GodRukiga
FTusuubirawe have hopeRukiga
MTusuubirawe have hopeRukiga
FTwesigyewe are powerfulRukiga
MTwesigyelet's trust in GodRukiga
MTwinamaaniwe are powerfulRukiga
MWaarweborn to dieRunyan.
MWanzalaborn during famineLugisu
MWasswagiven to twinsLuganda
MWemusanever satisfiedLuganda
FZesiroelder of twinsLuganda
MZesiroelder of twinsLuganda
MZilababorn while sickLuganda

*Uganda Baby Names - compiled by research & survey

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