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Boy Names Index > Page 2 - Spanish Baby Boy Names

Spanish Baby Boy Names

Find great Spanish Baby Boy Names here... Sure well-known names such as "Juan" & "Carlos" are on the list, but little known treasure are there as well.

The thing to do is to browse and discover for yourself how truly terrific these boy names are. The lesson here is that when it comes to boy names from Spain, there are plenty of wonderful choices to suit just about anybody's tastes.

I remember when I was selecting names for my first child... I wanted to see EVERYTHING. I didn't want to miss a single great name. So, in that same spirit of thorough carefulness we present you with the following list.

Enjoy and don't hesitate to take a look at the entire website... not just these great Spanish baby boy names!

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M/F Spanish Baby Boy Names Meaning of Name Origin
MHomeroHomer; pledge or securitySpanish
MHospiciohe who is accommodatingSpanish
MHubertobright mind; bright spiritSpanish
MIagoJacob; supplanterSpanish
MIndíbilhe who is very blackSpanish
MIsadorogift of the goddess IsisSpanish
MJadejade; precious stoneSpanish
MJairJairo; God enlightensSpanish
MJairoGod enlightensSpanish
MJandodefender of mankindSpanish
MJavieroowner of a new houseSpanish
MJayroGod enlightensSpanish
MJerardoGerard; brave spearmanSpanish
MJoaquínGod will establishSpanish
MJoboJoseph; God will addSpanish
MJoquinJoachim; God will establishSpanish
MJoséJoseph; God will addSpanish
MJoseJoseph; God will addSpanish
MJosealfredoJose + AlfredoSpanish
MJosemanuelJose + ManuelSpanish
MJosuéJoshua; God is my salvationSpanish
MJuanJohn; God is graciousSpanish
MJuaquinJoachim; God will establishSpanish
MJulíanyouthful, downySpanish
MJulianoJulian; youthfulSpanish
MJustinojust, righteousSpanish
MKarlosCarlos; farmerSpanish
MKikiruler of the householdSpanish
MLallawell spokenSpanish
MLaoStanislaus; stand of glorySpanish
MLaurenciocrowned with laurelsSpanish
MLeandroLeander; brave as a lionSpanish
MLenchocrowned with a laurelSpanish
MLeonelolittle lionSpanish
MLorenzocrowned with a laurelSpanish
MLucíobringer of lightSpanish
MLucerobringer of lightSpanish
MLuisLouis; famous warriorSpanish
MLuisantonioLuis + AntonioSpanish
MLuisenriqueLuis + EnriqueSpanish
MMaceoMace; clubSpanish
M Spanish Baby Boy NamesOrigin
MMangoEmmanuel; God is with usSpanish
MMarcelianomartial, warlikeSpanish
MMarcosMarcus; martial, warlikeSpanish
MMarkosmartial, warlikeSpanish
MMartínezmartial, warlikeSpanish
MMartesemartial, warlikeSpanish
MMartezMartin; martial, warlikeSpanish
MMarticeMartez; martial warlikeSpanish
MMartinezMartin; martial, warlikeSpanish
MMartintilde;oMartino; martial, warlikeSpanish
MMatiasMathias; gift of GodSpanish
MMattéoMatthew; gift of GodSpanish
MMauriciodark skinnedSpanish
MMendooffers sacrifices to GodSpanish
MMiguelangeloMiquel + AngeloSpanish
MMiguelitolittle MichaelSpanish
MMinelManuel; God is with usSpanish
MMingoDomingo; born on SundaySpanish
MMiqueMichael; who is like God?Spanish
MMircohe who assures the peaceSpanish
MMoisessaved from the waterSpanish
MMonoloManuel; God is with usSpanish
MMontenegroblack mountainSpanish
MMontesdweller in the mountainsSpanish
MMundoprosperous protectorSpanish
MNaiaraof the Virgin MarySpanish
MNaldoReginald; king's advisorSpanish
MNapiernew citySpanish
MNatalNoel; day of Christ's birthSpanish
MNeloDaniel; God is my judgeSpanish
MNeopololion of the woodlandSpanish
MNestorwise travelerSpanish
MNevadacovered in snowSpanish
MNichofollower of the god of wineSpanish
MNobertoNorbert; brilliant heroSpanish
MNoelinoNatal; day of Christ's birthSpanish
MNorbertobrilliant heroSpanish
MOaloPaul; smallSpanish
MOleosholy oil used in churchSpanish
MOlofamous throughout the landSpanish
MOsbaldoOswald; God's powerSpanish

*Spanish Baby Boy Names - compiled by research & survey

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