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Boy Names Index > Page 3 - Spanish Baby Boy Name

Spanish Baby Boy Name

Are You looking for Spanish Baby Boy Name?... I don't know about you, but when I was looking for great baby names for my three sons I wanted terrific names that would stand out a bit from the crowd, but not too much as to make my little ones subjected to teasing.

With that in mind I have hand-selected an incredible list of Spanish names that are sure to delight you and possibly even make it to your short list. Just remember that at Top 100 Baby Names Search we have provided you with dozens of great Spanish Baby Boy Name and so much more.

Our motto is "Great Baby Names for Your Consideration!"... And we mean exactly that.  When I was picking names for my three children, I looked high and low to find the very best, and most creative baby names that I possibly could find.  Well, that was easier said than done, there weren't terrific Spanish Baby Boy Name & lists readily available all in one cyber location.  So, I created this one!...

Happy Name Picking!

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M/F Spanish Baby Boy Name Meaning of Name Origin
MOteloOthello; wealthy manSpanish
MOthellowealthy manSpanish
MPablaPaul; little oneSpanish
MPabloPaul; little oneSpanish
MPaquitoFrancisco; free, from FranceSpanish
MParisiocapital city of FranceSpanish
MPascualPascal; born on EasterSpanish
MPaulinoPaul; little oneSpanish
MPazPax; peacefulSpanish
MPedroPeter; small rockSpanish
MPericoPeter; small rockSpanish
MPeyoPeter; small rockSpanish
MPhelipePhilip; lover of horsesSpanish
MPitiPeter; small rockSpanish
MPitinFelix; fortunate, happySpanish
MPoncefifth in orderSpanish
MPorfiriopurple stoneSpanish
MPueblofrom the citySpanish
M Spanish Baby Boy NameOrigin
MQuintilianoborn in the fifth monthSpanish
MQuiquiruler of the householdSpanish
MRafaelRaphael; God has healedSpanish
MRamonmighty, wise protectorSpanish
MRaymanmighty, wise protectorSpanish
MRaymundomighty, wise protectorSpanish
MRaynaldoReynold; king's advisorSpanish
MRenaldoReynold; king's advisorSpanish
MReyReynaldo; king's advisorSpanish
MReymundomighty, wise protectorSpanish
MRicardorich amp; powerful rulerSpanish
MRielGabriel; devoted to GodSpanish
MRoanoreddish brown skin toneSpanish
MRodolfoshield wolfSpanish
MRodrigoRoderick; famous rulerSpanish
MRodriquezson of RodrigoSpanish
MRogelioRogelio; famous warriorSpanish
MRolánfamous throughout the landSpanish
MRolonfamous wolfSpanish
MRudiRudolph; famous wolfSpanish
MRufinoRufin; redheadSpanish
MRusktwisted breadSpanish
MRuyanRyan; little kingSpanish
MRyoRio; riverSpanish
MSabelioSabino; from Sabine, ItalySpanish
MSalamonSolomon; peacefulSpanish
MSalvianoSalvo; cured, healthySpanish
MSansónSamson; like the sunSpanish
MSantanahistorical Mexican leaderSpanish
MSantiagoJames; supplanterSpanish
MSantonioa city in TexasSpanish
MSaritoCeasar; long haired rulerSpanish
MSegundosecond in orderSpanish
MServandoto serveSpanish
MSidonioSidney; from Saint DenisSpanish
MSiervoa man who serves GodSpanish
MSilverioGreek god of treesSpanish
MStancioConstantine; firm, constantSpanish
MSuelitalittle lilySpanish
MTaboGustave; staff of the GothsSpanish
MTacianohe who is quietSpanish
MTacitoTacio; he who is quietSpanish
M Spanish Baby Boy NameOrigin
MTanonear the Tano RiverSpanish
MTauroToro; bullSpanish
MTebStephen; crownedSpanish
MTercierothird-born childSpanish
MTerencioTerrence; smoothSpanish
MTichoPatrick; noblemanSpanish
MTicianoTito; giant, heroSpanish
MTobalfollower of ChristSpanish
MTohísGod is goodSpanish
MTuriArthur; noble, lofty hillSpanish
MTutuJustin; just, righteousSpanish
MValientebrave manSpanish
MValorman of valorSpanish
MVenturogood fortuneSpanish
MVicenteVincent; victor, conquerorSpanish
MVictorianoVictor; victor, conquerorSpanish
MVirgilioVirgil; rod bearer, staff bearerSpanish
MVitoalive; livelySpanish
MVladimiroVladimir; famous princeSpanish
MWaterioWalter; army rulerSpanish
MWilfredodetermined peacemakerSpanish
MXaverowner of the new houseSpanish
MYagoJames; supplanterSpanish
MZacarísZachariah; God rememberedSpanish

*Spanish Baby Boy Name - compiled by research & survey

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