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Girl Names Index > Page 3 - Old English Female Names

Old English Female Names

Okay... What you want is Old English Female Names all in one easy (yet high quality) list, right?... Well, welcome to Top 100 Baby Names Search. I positively love Old English Names. And if you are on this web page then chances are you love Old English Names too. This list is designed to bring together a variety of name choices for your viewing pleasure.

Listen... Your baby's name is our business, AND we take that very seriously! We've got the most comprehensive religious, humorous, and entertaining baby name lists on the net today... I have three children of my own -- and I can distinctly remember what fun it was to pick out their names and discuss them at length (Okay, ARGUE at length...) about them. I also remember feeling a bit concerned that the names were going to stick for life, so I wanted good ones.

We at Top 100 Baby Names Search have tried very hard to provide you just that... Great Old English female names & more!... But don't take my word for it. Browse around and decide for yourself. After all this is a very special time in your life!...

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M/F Old English Female Names Meaning of Name Origin
FOrielbay windowOld Engl.
FOrlanfrom the pointed landOld Engl.
FOrnellelike an ash treeOld Engl.
FOsmadivine protectorOld Engl.
FPaigeyoung childOld Engl.
FPamelasweetness or honey Old Engl.
FPatienceone of the seven virtues Old Engl.
FPaygeyoung child Old Engl.
FPebblesstone Old Engl.
FPepperfrom the pepper plant Old Engl.
FPerriwanderer Old Engl.
FPerrydweller by the pear treeOld Engl.
FPetulato ask; to seek Old Engl.
FPhilbertavery brilliant Old Engl.
FPiperpipe player Old Engl.
FPixiefairy or sprite Old Engl.
FPoppyflower name Old Engl.
FPosybunch of flowersOld Engl.
FPrimroseprimrose flowerOld Engl.
FQueenawoman Old Engl.
FQuellato pacifyOld Engl.
FRadellaan elfin adviser Old Engl.
FRaedoeOld Engl.
FRainbowarray of bright colors Old Engl.
FRichellepowerful ruler; brave one Old Engl.
FRileyrye meadowOld Engl.
FRobertabright fame; famousOld Engl.
FRobynsmall birdOld Engl.
FRodenfrom the valley of the reedsOld Engl.
FRowenathe white-haired oneOld Engl.
FRuearomatic medicinal plantOld Engl.
FRumergipsy Old Engl.
FRyesenryeOld Engl.
FSalalplant Old Engl.
FSaxonpeople of the swordOld Engl.
FScarlettbright redOld Engl.
FShelbydweller at the ledge estateOld Engl.
FShelleythe meadow's edgeOld Engl.
FSheltonplace on the ledge Old Engl.
FShirleybright meadowOld Engl.
FSigourneyvictorious conquerorOld Engl.
FSkylasky; sheltering Old Engl.
FSkylareternal life; strengthOld Engl.
FSparrowbird Old Engl.
FSpringspring season Old Engl.
FStarlingsmall; musical birdOld Engl.
FStarrstarOld Engl.
FStockardyard of tree stumps Old Engl.
F   ---Old English Female NamesOrigin
FStormtempestOld Engl.
FSunnivathe gift of the sun Old Engl.
FSunnybright; cheerful Old Engl.
FSydneyriverside meadowOld Engl.
FTatumhomestead of TateOld Engl.
FTawnieyellowish-brown Old Engl.
FTealwater birdOld Engl.
FTempeststormy; tempestOld Engl.
FThistlethistle Old Engl.
FTiffanymanifestation of GodOld Engl.
FTimberwoodOld Engl.
FTimotheahonoring GodOld Engl.
FTinblesound bells makeOld Engl.
FToryvictoriousOld Engl.
FTrilbysoft hatOld Engl.
FTuesdayborn on Tuesday Old Engl.
FTwylawoven with double thread Old Engl.
FTylertile-makerOld Engl.
FUdeleprosperousOld Engl.
FUlrikawolf ruler Old Engl.
FUnityonenessOld Engl.
FVailvalleyOld Engl.
FValoravalor; courageOld Engl.
FVelmaresolute protectorOld Engl.
FVelvetsoft as velvet Old Engl.
FVulpinelike a foxOld Engl.
FWalkercloth; walkerOld Engl.
FWallisfrom Wales; EnglandOld Engl.
FWanettalittle pale oneOld Engl.
FWaverlyquaking aspen treeOld Engl.
FWaynettewagon makerOld Engl.
FWendellewandererOld Engl.
FWesleywestern meadowOld Engl.
FWestinathe western villageOld Engl.
FWhaleywhale meadowOld Engl.
FWhitleywhite fieldOld Engl.
FWhitneyfrom the white islandOld Engl.
FWhoopihappy; excitedOld Engl.
FWillowwillow treeOld Engl.
FWilonadesiredOld Engl.
FWindywindyOld Engl.
FWinifredblessed peaceOld Engl.
FWinsomepleasant & attractive Old Engl.
FWrentiny bird Old Engl.
FWyliewily or beguilingOld Engl.
FYettato give Old Engl.
FZannaa lilyOld Engl.
FZelenesunshineOld Engl.
FZenithhighest point; peakOld Engl.
FZephrinebreezeOld Engl.
FZetaletter in the Greek alphabetOld Engl.

*Old English Female Names - compiled by research & survey

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