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Girl Names Index > Page 2 - Old English Baby Names

Old English Baby Names - Girls

You love Old English Baby Names... AND you are searching for something truly traditional, BUT you want to find unique treasures from the past as well... We believe that the following list is the perfect synergy between "the old" and "the different".

We really understand that Old English doesn't mean drab and boring. So, check out the list below... No Really!... Listen... Your baby's name is our business, AND we take that very seriously!... I have three children of my own -- and I can distinctly remember what fun it was to pick out their names and discuss them at length (Okay, ARGUE at length...) about them. I also remember feeling a bit concerned that the names were going to stick for life, so I wanted good baby names.

We at Top 100 Baby Names Search have tried very hard to provide you just that... great Old English baby names for girls & much more!... But don't take my word for it. Browse around and decide for yourself. After all this is a very special time in your life!... So enjoy it.

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M/F Old English Baby Names Meaning of Name Origin
FFairleyclearing in the woods Old Engl.
FFaithtrusting in GodOld Engl.
FFarleyfrom the fern clearingOld Engl.
FFarrahbeautiful Old Engl.
FFayrefair-hairedOld Engl.
FFelbertabrilliantOld Engl.
FFernplant nameOld Engl.
FFernleyfrom the fern meadowOld Engl.
FFletaswift; fastOld Engl.
FFletaswift; fleet Old Engl.
FFlorenceblooming; flourishingOld Engl.
FFlytarapidOld Engl.
FForestyneof the forestOld Engl.
FGainesincrease in wealth Old Engl.
FGeneriaa whole kind or classOld Engl.
FGeraldinemighty with a spearOld Engl.
FGerardabrave spear womanOld Engl.
FGerryspear warriorOld Engl.
FGledato make happy Old Engl.
FGodivathe gift of God Old Engl.
FGoldiethe golden oneOld Engl.
FGraysonchild of the bailiffOld Engl.
FGypsywanderer Old Engl.
FGythawarlikeOld Engl.
FHaidenheather-covered hillOld Engl.
FHalseyHalls' islandOld Engl.
FHaraldathe ruler of the armyOld Engl.
FHarleyfrom the hare meadowOld Engl.
FHarperharp player or makerOld Engl.
FHayleefrom the hay meadow Old Engl.
FHazelfrom the hazel tree Old Engl.
FHeatherflower name Old Engl.
FHerthachild of the earthOld Engl.
FHollyname of a treeOld Engl.
FHonbriasweetOld Engl.
FHopehopeful; optimistic Old Engl.
FImogenegirl; maidenOld Engl.
FIrialadyOld Engl.
FIrvettefriend from the sea Old Engl.
FIvyplant name Old Engl.
FJancisGod is graciousOld Engl.
FJanelleGod is gracious Old Engl.
FJolenethe star of the seaOld Engl.
FJoycelady of the manorOld Engl.
FJuneborn in JuneOld Engl.
FKaelynmeadow Old Engl.
FKendraroyal powerOld Engl.
FKestrelfrom the bird name Old Engl.
FKimberleyfrom the meadowOld Engl.
FLanacalm as still watersOld Engl.
FLandonopen & grassy meadowOld Engl.
FLanefrom the narrow roadOld Engl.
FLangleylong meadowOld Engl.
F   ---Old English Baby NamesOrigin
FLaricrowned with laurel Old Engl.
FLarksongbirdOld Engl.
FLassielittle girl Old Engl.
FLaurenfree personOld Engl.
FLeannefavored by GodOld Engl.
FLeemeadow or clearingOld Engl.
FLeighmeadow or clearingOld Engl.
FLenafree personOld Engl.
FLeomalight; bright Old Engl.
FLevinabright flash Old Engl.
FLillianconsecrated to God Old Engl.
FLindleyfrom the lime tree meadowOld Engl.
FLindonfrom the lime tree hillOld Engl.
FLinleyfrom the field of flaxOld Engl.
FLodemaguide or leader Old Engl.
FLonasolitaryOld Engl.
FLornaScottish place nameOld Engl.
FLouellafamous warriorOld Engl.
FLouvaineLouise's vanityOld Engl.
FLovedaylovely as the dayOld Engl.
FLuciannafavored by God Old Engl.
FLudellaan elf; pixie maiden Old Engl.
FLuellaelfin Old Engl.
FLyndalvalley dweller Old Engl.
FLynnwaterfallOld Engl.
FMadisonchild of MaudOld Engl.
FMaidamaiden Old Engl.
FMaitanebeloved Old Engl.
FMarigoldgolden flower Old Engl.
FMarjoriepearlOld Engl.
FMelbaa place nameOld Engl.
FMelindathe pretty & dark oneOld Engl.
FMercycompassion; pity Old Engl.
FMerivalepleasant valley Old Engl.
FMerrillof the bright seaOld Engl.
FMerryjoyful; happyOld Engl.
FMerticepleasant & famous Old Engl.
FMildredstrong & gentle Old Engl.
FMissyyoung girl Old Engl.
FMistyof the mist Old Engl.
FNarathe nearest & dearest oneOld Engl.
FNeldaof the elder tree Old Engl.
FNellwynbright companion Old Engl.
FNormanorthern womanOld Engl.
FNorvellafrom the northern townOld Engl.
FOdellawood hillOld Engl.
FOlethanimbleOld Engl.
FOpelinetranslucent type of glassOld Engl.

*Old English Baby Names - compiled by research & survey

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