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Boy Names Index > Nature Baby Names - Boys

Nature Baby Names - Boys

Nature Baby Names are really great names to consider if you want to consider some variety when selecting baby names...

At Top 100 Baby Names Search our philosophy is, "consider everything, and pick the best!" What is so great about names from Africa is that they are unique to America, and there is so much to choose from.

When I was selecting names for my children I wanted to create a short list from names that I found intriguing in someway. Next, my husband and I went through every name on our short lists and rated them based our own personally selected criteria... Víola!... One or two special names rose to the top. Selecting our children's names was a total blast. I feel the key was having a long list of baby names to begin with.

So, here it is, a long list of Nature Baby Names for your consideration. Enjoy.

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M/F Nature Baby Names - Boys Meaning of Name Origin
MAckerleymeadow of oak treesEnglish
MAddisonman of the red earthOld English 
MAlderthe alder treeOld English 
MApalanisky spiritInca
MAshash treeHebrew
MAshbya farm by the ash treeOld English 
MAshlieghfrom the ash treeOld English 
MAshtonash tree settlementEnglish
MAxelaxe; small oak treeLatin
MBartoloson of the earthSpanish
MBerkeleybirch tree meadowEnglish
MBjorkbirch treeSwedish
MBosleygrove of treesEnglish
MBranchtree branchLatin
MBurleighgrove of knotted tree trunksEnglish
MDarrelgrove of oak treesEnglish
MDemetriuslover of the earthGreek
MEllerydweller by the alder treeGerman
MErdento be of the EarthGerman
MEspartacohe who plantsGreek
MFiorellolittle flowerItalian
MFlorencioflowering plantsItalian
MFlorenteflowering plantsLatin
MGarlandwreath of flowersFrench
M Nature Baby NamesOrigin
MGedeontree cutterBulgarian
MGlenrowanvalley with rowan treesIrish
MHasletthazel-tree landEnglish
MHollisfrom the grove of holly treesEnglish
MHorusgod of the skyEgyptian
MIvyivy treeEnglish
MJaunkind of plantArabic
MKalansky, chiefHawaiian
MKallidenplace of the beautiful treesGreek
MKanegolden, eastern skyWelsh
MKebearth; ancient earth godEgyptian
MKersan Indian plantTodas
MKielegardenia flowerHawaiian
MKongglorious, skyChinese
MKorneliuscornel tree; horn coloredLatin
MKyreetree barkCambodian
MLennoxplace of elm treesScottish
MLinulily flowerHindu
MLurdunearthy oneBasque
MLyndonhill of linden treesEnglish
MMamoyellow flower; yellow birdHawaiian
MMaretthe earthAmharic
MMayoyew-tree plainIrish
MMikiotree trunk man; the futureJapanese
MMitsoslover of the earthGreek
MMusokeborn with a rainbow in the skyRukonjo
MNaokihonest treeJapanese
MNelekcornel treePolish
MNelliecornel treeEnglish
MOakleyoak-tree fieldEnglish
MOliveroolive treeItalian
MOllieolive treeEnglish
MOrjimighty treeIbo
MOrrickold oak treeEnglish
MPalashflowery treeHindu
MQuennellsmall oak treeFrench
MRailefbedraggled flowerMapuche
MRedfordriver crossing at the red earth siteEnglish
MRoantree with red berriesEnglish
MRodanfertile earth; fertilitySerbian
M Nature Baby NamesOrigin
MRowantree with red berriesEnglish
MSaturnogod of planting and harvestingItalian
MSebGod of earthEgyptian
MSernigod of planting and harvestingCatalan
MSorathe skyJapanese
MStockleytree-stump meadowEnglish
MStocktontree-stump townEnglish
MTaivasheaven; skyFinnish
MTamardate; palm treeHebrew
MTareefig treeAustralian
MTeklemy plantEthiopian
MTerramthe earthLatin
MTlatecuhtligentleman of the earthNahuatl
MTreytontown full of treesEnglish
MTungstately as a tall tree trunkVietnamese
MUdoginseng plantJapanese
MUllivieriolive treeItalian
MWaverlyquaking aspen-treeEnglish
MWilfordwillow-tree fordEnglish
MXacintothe hyacinth flowerGreek
MYasenash treeRussian
MYudellyew-tree valleyEnglish
MZahirshining, radiant; flowery Arabic
MZarevored glow in the skyRussian
MZuhairhaving flowersArabic

*Nature Baby Names - compiled by research & survey

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