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Girl Names Index > Page 1 - Girl Flower Names

Girl Flower Names

Who doesn't love flowers?... This list below is truly a treat! -- You will find lovely girl flower names from all over the place. Because as usual we've scoured the planet to bring you the best names of all shapes & sizes here at Top 100 Baby Names Search. You will discover naming oddities, articles and more that will entertain, inform, and amuse you.

So many folks have a stake in baby's name... not the least of which is baby him- or herself. To make it easier for you we've designed a website that gives you tons of names from which to choose in dozens of terrific categories... including these flowery, attractive baby names.

Listen...Your baby's name is our business, AND we take that very seriously!

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M/F Girl Flower Names Meaning of Name Origin
FAimatiaflower gardenLatin
FAkinaspring flowerJapanese
FAmarantaflower that never fadesSpanish
FAmaryllisfresh flowerGreek
FAmbhojalotus flowerSanskrit
FAnahiflower of the ceibo treeGuarani
FAnteasweet flowerGreek
FAntheasweet flowerGreek
FArdiceflowering fieldHebrew
FArdithflowering fieldHebrew
FAyameiris flowerJapanese
FAyannabeautiful as a flowerAfrican
FBakulalovely flowerHindi
FBlodwynshining flowerWelsh
FCalfurayblue violet flowerMapuche
FCalicebeautiful flowerFrench
FCalthayellow flowerLatin
FCelandineherb with yellow flowersLatin
FChalinbeautiful flowersMandarin
FChalinabeautiful flowerSpanish
FCharobeautiful flowerSpanish
FChrissanthgolden flowerGreek
FCoaxochserpent flowerNahuatl
FCorisandeflower of the heartSpanish
FDahliaa perennial flowerScand.
FDaisywhite & yellow flowerEnglish
FDaysiwhite & yellow flowerEnglish
FDeanthadivine flowerGreek
FDeisywhite & yellow flowerEnglish
FDeysiwhite & yellow flowerEnglish
FDianthaa divine flowerGreek
FDiantheflower of GodGreek
FFliorablooming; floweryIrish
FFlorblooming; floweryLatin
FFloramariaflower of MarySpanish
FFlorenceblooming; floweryLatin
FFloresFlora; flowerSpanish
FFlorianflowering; bloomingLatin
FFloridaflowering; prosperousSpanish
FFloriniaflowering; prosperousLatin
F   ---Girl Flower NamesOrigin
FFlorisflowering; prosperousEnglish
FFlossieflowering; prosperousEnglish
FFuxinahibiscus or lotus flowerMandarin
FGadinaflower gardenHausa
FGarlandwreath of flowersGreek
FGiacintabeautiful fragrant flowerItalian
FGingerflower & spiceLatin
FGinnyflower & spiceEnglish
FHanablossom; flowerJapanese
FHanakoflower childJapanese
FHananflower childJapanese
FHeatherflowering heatherEnglish
FHibiscusshrubs with large flowersLatin
FIantheviolet flowerGreek
FIlimaflower of Oahu islandHawaiian
FIonaviolet flowerGreek
FIrupeirupe flowerGuarani
FJacarandafragrant flowerTupi
FJasjasmine flowerAmerican
FJasmainjasmine flowerPersian
FJasmanjasmine flowerPersian
FJasmeetjasmine flowerPersian
FJasminjasmine flowerPersian
FJasminePersian flowerPersian
FJasmynjasmine flowerPersian
FJazmanjasmine flowerPersian
FJazminjasmine flowerArabic
FJessaminejasmine flowerGerman
FJolandaviolet flowerGreek
FKalinlittle flowerSlavic
FKalinalittle flowerSlavic
FKamaleiclose to the heart like a leiHawaiian
FKameliafragrant rose like flowersItalian
FKeikoSeptember flowerJapanese
FKielegardenia flowerHawaiian
FKumudalotus flowerSanskrit
FLeiheavenly flowerHawaiian
FLeilaniheavenly childHawaiian
FLilianalily flowerPortuguese
FLillianlily flowerLatin
FLillybellelovely lily flowerAmerican
FLinneaflower of SwedenScand.
FLodisbeautiful flowerAmerican
FLoradibouquet; gardenBasque

*Girl Flower Names - compiled by research & survey

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