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Girl Names Index > Page 2 - Girls Flower Names

Pretty Girls Flower Names

Here are even more terrific Girls Flower Names... because you absolutely do love flowers and you want your little girl to have a flower name!

Once again... You can find baby names of all shapes & sizes here at Top 100 baby names search. Search our unique, unisex and world names as well. You will discover naming oddities, articles and more that will entertain, inform, and amuse you.

We know that your ultimate goal is to create a short list of really great names that will reflect the wishes you have for your baby. So it is our goal to help you do just that...

In fact, your baby's name is our business... AND you'd better believe we take that very seriously!  So, please go on and check out our girls flower names!

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M/F Girls Flower Names Meaning of Name Origin
FLotuslotus flowerGreek
FMagnoliabeautiful flowering treeLatin
FMaibrightness; flowerJapanese
FMaikadancing flowerJapanese
FMalinalxochitlgrass flowerNahuatl
FMamosaffron flower; yellow birdHawaiian
FMandaramystical celestial flowerSanskrit
FMausiplucked flowerNat. Amer.
FMayrlysbeautiful flowerAmerican
FMeiyingbeautiful flowerChinese
FMelanthadark flowerGreek
FMikabeautiful flowerJapanese
FMikiaflower stemJapanese
FMikkiflower stemJapanese
FMohalaflowers in bloomHawaiian
FMulanflower of the woodsMandarin
FNalinadalalotus flowerSanskrit
FNamikaflower of the waveJapanese
FNitzaflower budHebrew
FNizanaa flower budHebrew
FNollieflowering treeEnglish
FNoxochicoztlimy necklace of flowersNahuatl
F   ---Girls Flower NamesOrigin
FOrquideabeautiful as a flowerItalian
FPadmalotus flowerSanskrit
FPadmaniblossom; flowerSri Lankan
FPalashatree with red flowersSanskrit
FPansyflower; fragrantGreek
FPetuniaflowerNat. Amer.
FPollapoppy flowerArabic
FPoppypoppy flowerLatin
FPosysmall bunch of flowersEnglish
FPrimroseprimrose flowerEnglish
FPualaniheavenly flowerHawaiian
FQinnagraceful flowerMandarin
FQuetzalxochitlprecious flower; queenNahuatl
FRaisabeautiful & fragrant flowerRussian
FRaizelbeautiful & fragrant flowerYiddish
FReapoppy flowerGreek
FReyhansweet-smelling flowerTurkish
FRisahometown flowerJapanese
FRosebeautiful & fragrant flowerLatin
FRosellabeautiful & fragrant flowerLatin
FRosinabeautiful & fragrant flowerEnglish
FRositabeautiful & fragrant flowerSpanish
FRosulabeautiful & fragrant flowerLatin
FRozabeautiful & fragrant flowerSlavic
FSacnitewhite flowerMayan
FSaffronpurple & white flowersEnglish
FSerikaparsley flowerJapanese
FShoshanaa beautiful flowerHebrew
FSumaleebeautiful flowerTai
FSumana beautiful flowerHindi
FTuliptulip flowerFrench
FVioletaplant with purple flowersFrench
FViolettaplant with purple flowersFrench
FXochicotzinlittle necklace of flowersNahuatl
FXochiltplace of many flowersAztec
FXochitlplace of many flowersAztec
FXochiyotlheart of a gentle flowerNahuatl
FYasaminjasmine flowerArabic
FYasmeenjasmine flowerPersian
FYasminjasmine flowerPersian
FYazminjasmine flowerPersian
FYesminjasmine flowerPersian
F   ---Girls Flower NamesOrigin
FYolandaviolet flowerGreek
FYoleviolet flowerGreek
FYolieviolet flowerGreek
FYoloxochitlflower of the heartNahuatl
FYolutasummer flowerNat. Amer.
FYoneviolet flowerGreek
FZahirablossom; flowerArabic
FZahraflower; whiteSwahili
FZinniabeautiful; colorful flowersLatin

*Girls Flower Names - compiled by research & survey

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