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Boy Names Index > Page 3 - Christian Name Meanings

Christian Name Meanings

Looking for Christian name meanings? Well, there are many familiar names which immediately come to mind... John, James, Deborah, etc.

But there are many more names... Maybe even yours. All of the names below include the meaning & the verse in the bible relating to the name. As always we've tried to provide you a comprehensive list in which to discover the name you are looking for.

At Top 100 Baby Names Search we have striven to provide you with great variety. Our goal is to be the premier resource for popular baby names & more on the net today. Don't take our word for it... So check us out... Find complete Christian name meanings!...

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M/F Christian Name Meanings Meaning of Name Origin
MNoahpeaceful; restfulGen. 5:29
MNorwoodguardian; protectorEphes. 6:16
MObadiahservant of God1 Kings 18:3
MOdusdiligent to listenPsalm 118:21
MOlafpine treeIsaiah 26:3
MOmarhighestGen. 36:11
MOsbertof Godly brightnessMatt. 5:16
MOthniellion of the LordJoshua 15:17
MOwenmighty warriorPsalm 29:1
MOziasGod's strengthPsalm 18:32
MPaltiGod liberates2 Chron. 29:11
MPaulsmallActs 13:9
MPeterstoneMatt. 4:18
MPhilemonlovingPhilip. 1:2
MPhiliplover of horsesMatt. 10:3
MPhineasoracleExodus 6:25
MPhinehasoracleExodus 6:25
MPilandark-skinnedPsalm 96:4
MQuasispecial childPsalm 139:14
MQuentinfifth in orderJob 5:8
MRandalprotectorPsalm 62:7
MRandolphprotectorJoshua 1:9
MRansayroyal nobility1 Peter 2:9
M Christian Name MeaningsBible Verse
MRansomredemptionIsaiah 53:6
MRashaadnoble ruler2 Sam. 22:36
MRaunmighty rulerPsalm 18:35
MReubenbehold a sonGen. 29:32
MRhysswift moving streamPsalm 86:12
MRobertfamous brillianceHebrews 13:20
MRockfordpride in strengthPsalm 18:2
MRubenbehold a sonIsaiah 9:6
MRufusredheadMark 15:21
MRyanlittle kingPsalm 16:11
MSabreto restMatt. 11:28
MSachahelper of mankindHebrews 13:21
MSamiehheard GodPsalm 118:21
MSammyheard GodPsalm 118:21
MSampsonlike the sunMatt. 5:16
MSamsonlike the sunJudges 13:24
MSamuelasked of God1 Sam. 1:20
MSaulasked for; borrowed1 Sam. 9:2
MSebastianone of reverencePsalm 96:6
MSebastianvenerable; reveredPsalm 96:6
MSeraphimthe ardent of GodPhilip. 3:14
MSethappointedGen. 4:25
MSevonvictory and protection2 Tim. 6:12
MShadrachgod; god-likeDaniel 1:7
MShayneGod is graciousPsalm 18:35
MSheldonbeautiful thoughtsPhilip. 4:8
MShemname; reputationGen. 5:32
MShermanshearer of clothPsalm 93:1
MSherwina shining friendJohn 15:14
MShilohtranquil and peacefulIsaiah 26:3
MShurlanfrom the strong fortressPsalm 91:2
MSilasforest dwellerActs 15:22
MSilvesterforest dwellerPsalm 119:35
MSimeonhe heardGen. 29:33
MSimonhe heardMatt. 4:18
MSinclairthe sanctified and shiningDaniel 12:3
MSolomonpeaceful2 Sam. 5:14
MStephencrownedActs 6:5
MTalorclothed with salvationIsaiah 61:10
MTedblessed protectorPsalm 62:7
MTenleycourageous leaderPsalm 18:35
MTerencetenderhearted oneEphes. 4:32
MThaddaeuscourageousMatt. 10:3
MTheophilusloved by GodLuke 1:3
MThomastwinMatt. 10:3
MTimothyhonoring GodActs 16:1
MTinsleyfrom the hillPsalm 125:1
MTitusgiant; hero2 Corith. 2:13
MTobbyGod is goodPsalm 100:5
MTobiahGod is goodEzra 2:60
M Christian Name MeaningsBible Verse
MTobiasGod is goodEzra 2:60
MToddwatchful one2 Tim. 4:5
MTolbertproclaims the truthRom. 10:15
MTommyone of equalityJohn 3:16
MTuckermaster weaverColoss. 3:23
MTyronean absolute ruler2 Sam. 23:3
MUdayprosperous oneJoshua 1:8
MUlriahruler over all2 Sam. 23:3
MUzziahstrength of the Lord2 Kings 15:13
MVernonthe abundant one1Tim. 1:14
MVictorvictor conqueror2 Tim. 2:5
MWilliambold protectorEphes. 6:10
MWinstona firm friendJohn 15:14
MWolfgangguardian and protectorJoshua 1:9
MWoodrowdweller by the woods1 Chron. 16:33
MYahwehJehovah in the highestPsalm 113:4
MYalefrom the fertile uplandPsalm 119:105
MYoramGod is exaltedPsalm 18:46
MYusefHe shall increaseDeuter. 16:15
MZacchaeusinnocent; pureLuke 19:2
MZachariahGod remember me2 Kings 14:29
MZebadiahGod is might and just1 Chron. 8:15
MZebedeeGod's giftMatt. 4:21
MZebulunexalted and honoredGen. 30:20
MZechariahGod remembered2 Kings 14:29
MZedekiahGod's gift1 Kings 22:11
MZephaniahtreasured by God2 Kings 25:18

*Christian Name Meanings - compiled by research & survey

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