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Girl Names Index > Page 1 - Christian Meanings of Baby Names

Christian Meanings of Baby Names

Do you want to know the Christian meanings of baby names?... There are many very familiar names which immediately come to mind. John, James, Deborah, etc. But there are many more names... Maybe even yours.

All of the names below include the meaning & the verse in the bible relating to the baby name. Below is a comprehensive list in which you can discover terrific names. AND to help you we have provided the complete Christian definition as well!...

Your baby's name is our business, AND we take that very seriously! We've got the most comprehensive religious, humorous, and entertaining baby name lists on the net today... We at Top 100 Baby Names Search have tried very hard to give you great Christian meanings of baby names!... But don't take my word for it. Browse around and decide for yourself!

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M/F Christian Meanings of Baby Names Meaning of Name Origin
FAaressthe bestPsalms 8:1
FAarismighty in the faith1 Tim. 6:12
FAbaleanof resolute firmnessPsalms 16:8
FAbbottfatherMatt. 16:27
FAbbrathe exalted oneIsaiah 12:2
FAbihailfather's joy1 Chron. 2:29
FAbijahJehovah is my FatherIsaiah 12:2
FAbishaipresent of my father1 Sam. 26:6
FAbranaFather is exaltedIsaiah 12:2
FAdahan assemblyGen. 4:19
FAdrielthe flock of God1 Sam. 18:19
FAhulania heavenly shrinePsalms 121:1-2
FAngelaheavenly messengerGen. 16:7
FAnnagracious; one who givesLuke 2:36
FAriellight or lion of GodEzra 8:16
FAtaraha crown1 Chron. 2:26
FBamachild1 Kings 3:7
FBarukablessed1 Sam. 25:3
FBasematbalm1 Chron. 2:29
FBasiadaughter of God1 Sam. 26:6
FBathshebadaughter of the oathGen. 4:19
FBatiadaughter of God1 Chron. 11:42
FBatyadaughter of God1 Sam. 18:19
FBeccatied, boundGen. 16:7
FBeckatied, boundLuke 2:36
FBethanythe house of songMatt. 21:17
FBethelthe house of GodGen. 12:8
FBeulahmarriedIsaiah 62:4
FBilhahwho is old or confusedGen. 29:29
FCalliopebeautiful voiceEzra 8:16
FCalypsoone who conceals1 Chron. 2:26
FCandaglittering & white2 Sam. 11:3
FCandacepossesses contritionActs 8:27
FCandiceglittering whiteMatt. 21:17
FCaralampiailluminated by happinessIsaiah 62:4
FCarmelharvest; full of ears of cornJoshua 12:22
FCharitydear1 Corin. 13:1-13
FChloegreen herb1 Corin. 1:11
FClaudialame2 Tim. 4:21
FDalmacianative of DalmatiaActs 8:27
FDamarisa little womanActs 17:34
FDayanadivineJoshua 12:22
FDeanadivine1 Corin. 13:1-13
FDeannedivine1 Corin. 1:11
FDeborahbumblebeeJudges 4:4
FDecemberborn in the twelfth monthActs 17:34
FDeciatenth childJudges 4:4
FDelilahhead of hairJudges 16:4
FDianaluminous, perfectActs 19:27
FDorcasfemale roe-deerActs 9:36
FDrusillawatered by the dewActs 24:24
FEbeyouthful like a flowerJudges 16:4
FEboneyrich and dark woodActs 19:27
FEbonyblackGen. 30:21
FEdeliaalways youngActs 24:24
FEdelmaalways youngGen. 2:8
FEdenpleasure; delightGen. 2:8
FEdgashield bearerGen. 2:8
FEdnapleasure; delightGen. 2:8
FElishasalvation of GodLuke 1:5
FElizabeththe oath, or fullness, of GodLuke 1:5
FEsthersecret; hiddenEsther 2:7
FEunicegood victory2 Tim. 1:5
FEvaliving; enliveningGen. 3:20
FFaithloyalty1 Corin. 13:13
FFantasiaimaginationLuke 1:5
FFebeshiningEsther 2:7
FFedrasplendid one2 Tim. 1:5
FFeodoragift of GodGen. 3:20
FFilandraloves humankind1 Corin. 13:13
FFilemonaa love song; loved oneProv. 3:34
FFiliafriendEsther 2:7
FGaeaplanet EarthGen. 16:1
FGaiaplanet Earth1 Sam. 1:2
FGalateacalm; like the seaPsalms 25:21
FGaleacalm; like the seaJudges 4:17
FGalenhealer; calmExod. 28:20
FGalenahealer; calmJob 42:14
FGaleniahealer; calmLuke 8:3
FGarlandwreath of flowersExod. 6:20
FGracefavor; blessingProv. 3:34
FHabibabelovedHeb. 1:9
FHadassaha myrtle; joyEsther 2:7
FHadiaone who guidesRom. 16:15
FHadiyaone who guidesGen. 25:1
FHadyone who guidesGen. 29:16
FHafsahwife of the Prophet2 Tim. 1:5
FHagarone that fearsGen. 16:1
FHalimahgentle; patientMatt. 27:56
FHannahgracious; she that gives1 Sam. 1:2
FHoneynectarPsalms 19:10
FHopeexpectation; beliefPsalms 25:21
FHuldahthe world2 Kings 22:14
FIdarawell-organized womanExod. 15:23
FIdolinaidolLuke 10:38
FIdumeared in colorMatt. 1:16
FIgnaciafiery, ardentGen. 43:14
FIgniafiery, ardentJob 21:12
FImogenimage, likenessExod. 15:20
FJabelflowing streamActs 27:5

*Christian Meanings of Baby Names - compiled by research & survey

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