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World Names > Page 2 - Baby Names in the UK

Baby Names in The UK

Alright... You are looking for Terrific Baby Names in the UK Lists, right?... Well, you have stumbled upon the right website.

Top 100 Baby Names Search was created to provide you with literally thousands of beautiful baby names at your fingertips. Just a mouse Click Here away you will find names for boys and girls from around the world. Some will amaze you, others will amuse you. Some of these names will absolutely make it to your short list. In either case, Top 100 Baby Names Search was designed to aid you in your search for the perfect name for your baby. When I was selecting names for my children I wanted to see names that weren't just the standard "Jennifer", "Katherine" or "Sarah". I wanted to see slightly different names that would help my children to stand out when they went off to school. However, I didn't want them to become the object of teasing...

With that in mind I created a great Baby Names in the UK List below for you to consider. Enjoy.

Click here for English Girls

Click here for English Boys

M/F Baby Names in the UK Meaning of Name Origin
FEtainbeautiful butterfly Irish
MEwanborn yew treeScottish
MFarnleyfern meadowEnglish
MFarquhardear manScottish
FFarrahbeautiful; pleasantEnglish
MFearghasstrong man Irish
FFenellawhite shoulder Scottish
MFindlaywhite warriorScottish
FFinevine; vineyardIrish
MFinleywhite warriorScottish
MFitzson of the kingIrish
MFranklinfree landownerEnglish
MGalorianof abundanceEnglish
MGerardbrave spearmanEnglish
MGersonson of GershomEnglish
MGilchristfollower of ChristScottish
MGlassonfrom Glasgow, ScotlandScottish
MGoibniuprovides weapons; smithIrish
MGrahamgravel homeScottish
FGreervigilant watchmanScottish
MGregorvigilant watchmanScottish
MGrianthe sunGaelic
MGroverform the groveEnglish
MHanraoiruler of the householdIrish
MHeathheath; land with sandy soilEnglish
MHendryruler of the householdScottish
FHollynHolly + AnnEnglish
MHuttonhouse on the ledgeEnglish
MIanGod is graciousScottish
FIceniancient Celtic peopleCeltic
FInnesisland Scottish
FIselriver in ScotlandScottish
FIshbelGod is my oathScottish
MIslayisland in GaelicScottish
MJaggercarter; carries suppliesEnglish
FJeaneGod is graciousScottish
FJeanineGod is graciousScottish
FJessieGod is graciousScottish
MJetthard, black mineralEnglish
MJohnGod is graciousHebrew
MKamdenwinding valleyScottish
MKamryncrooked noseScottish
FKelceeship islandScottish
MKelsonkeel town, portEnglish
FKenziecomely; finely madeScottish
FKirstyfollower of ChristScottish
MKnowlesgrassy slopeEnglish
MKnoxlives on a hilltopScottish
FLachlaninaland of lakesScottish
MLacklanland of lakesScottish
FLanienarrow roadEnglish
MLauchlanland of lakesScottish
FLaurettacrowned with laurelsEnglish
FLaurycrowned with laurelsEnglish
FLauryncrowned with laurelsEnglish
MLeachlainndevotee of Saint SeachnallIrish
MLeightonmeadow farmEnglish
FLeomalight; brightEnglish
MLesgarden of holliesScottish
FLesliegray fortressScottish
FLevitatwinkle; sparkleEnglish
MLindsieLincoln's wetlandsScottish
FLoganhollow; lowland Scottish
MLordnoble titleEnglish
MLorrycrowned with a laurelEnglish
MLudovicfamous warriorScottish
MMíhealwho is like God?Scottish
MMacdonaldson of DonaldScottish
MMacklinnames beginning with MackScottish
FMaggipearl, high towerEnglish
MMainchinlittle monkIrish
MMaloneychurch goingIrish
FMalvinaarmored chiefScottish
FMandolinsweet musicEnglish
FMarigoldMary's goldEnglish
MMarlohill by the lakeEnglish
MMartainnmartial; warlikeScottish
MMathuinbear Irish

*Baby Names in the UK - compiled by research & survey

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