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Girl Names Index > Weird Baby Name - Girls

Weird Baby Name List - Girls

If you are searching for Weird Baby Name, you have certainly come to the right page. Listed below are dozens of terrific, cute & interesting baby girl names taken from all over the globe. We at Top 100 Baby Names Search pride ourselves in providing you with a comprehensive baby name website where you can do ALL of your baby name research!...

Your baby's name is our business, AND we take that very seriously! I have three children of my own -- and I can distinctly remember what fun it was to pick out their names and discuss them at length (Okay, ARGUE at length...) about them. I also remember feeling a bit concerned that the names were going to stick for life, so I wanted good ones.

We at Top 100 Baby Names Search have tried very hard to provide you just that... a GREAT Weird Baby Name list for girls and boys!... Enjoy it.

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M/F Weird Baby Name - Girls Meaning of Name Origin
FAbiasmall as a birdHausa
FAdrenildamother of the warriorGerman
FAnacletahas been called on; is requiredGreek
FAnanfourth childAfrican
FArgimondefensive armyGerman
FAsjaresurrection; eastern sunriseAmerican
FAsuntato ascendSpanish
FAynkanolder sisterIndigen.
FBernabelachild of prophecyHebrew
FBodhinenlightenment; awarenessSanskrit
FChilablind; gray eyesGreek
FChionedaughter of the NileEgyptian
FCullie Reeat the woodlandAmerican
FCymreigeswoman of WalesWelsh
FDewahappiness; blissTibetan
FEdgashield bearerGreek
FEliyaGod is my LordHebrew
FEponaGreek goddess of horsesGreek
FEuxeniafrom a good family nameGreek
FFeroniagoddess of freedomLatin
FGeranioas beautiful as a geraniumGreek
FGetaof the LordAmharic
FGriseldagray warrior womanGerman
FGunadhyarich in virtueSanskrit
FHogolinagreat intelligenceTeutonic
FIliseconsecrated to GodGerman
FImarikastrength; enduranceSwahili
FIsokagift from GodBenin
FJakindabeautiful; attractiveSpanish
FJolyaneGod will increaseEnglish
FJustaGod is graciousLatin
FKalindifamous riverHindi
FKeshaAwake One watches over meSwahili
FKetifato harvest fruitArabic
FKumipretty braidsJapanese
FLamiabright landGerman
FLironmy songHebrew
FLubianalittle & belovedSlavic
FMadhubalalittle girl of honeyHindi
F   ---Weird Baby Name - GirlsOrigin
FMalaikaan angelSwahili
FMaresafrom the seaLatin
FMeleciastudious womanGreek
FMelisandehoney beeFrench
FMixcoatlserpent of the skyNahuatl
FMyeishaMona + AishaAmerican
FNallelibrilliant eyesSpanish
FNanagrace and mercyHebrew
FNeartapower; mightGaelic
FNeelathe color blueHindi
FNievesthe Virgin MaryLatin
FNourbesea wonderful childBenin
FNumasestablishes lawsGreek
FOlindaprotector of propertyLatin
FOrvagolden; worthyFrench
FPhounga legendary birdVietnam.
FQiulanAutumn flowerMandarin
FRagnildbattle counselorScand.
FRosangelicaRose + AngelicaAmerican
FSabiyamorning; eastern windArabic
FSachikohappy childJapanese
FSamiraone who is entertainingArabic
FSanciaholy; sacredSpanish
FShahlabeautiful eyesAfghan
FSotiriagoddess of salvationGreek
FSuyapaa village in HondurasSpanish
FTalonclaw; nailFrench
FTapuwawe have been givenShona
FTehiabirth; resurrectionHebrew
FTullyat peace with GodIrish
FUrbanacity dwellerLatin
FUrsicinabear meatLatin
FWulfildefights with the wolvesGerman
FZacharieGod rememberedHebrew
FZephaniecrowned with laurelsGreek

*Weird Baby Name List - compiled by research & survey

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