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Girl Names Index > Page 1 - Unique Baby Girl Names

Unique Baby Girl Names

If you are looking for Unique Baby Girl Names, then look no further!... Discover dozens of our naming lists with loads of variety.

When I was naming my kids I really wanted to find comprehensive lists to compare various name choices... Well, I found a few good names here or there, BUT never could I find all of the great baby names I wanted, all in one location. In answer to that frustration of mine, I have created a comprehensive place where parents-to-be can come to search for great baby names from across the globe.

Your baby's name is our business, AND we take that very seriously! We at Top 100 Baby Names Search have tried very hard to provide you with GREAT unique baby girl names & more!... But don't take my word for it. Browse around and decide for yourself. After all this is a very special time in your life!... So enjoy it.

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M/F Unique Baby Girl Names Meaning of Name Origin
FAbanastony countenanceHebrew
FAbionaborn on a journeyYoruba
FAislinghoping in a dreamGaelic
FAjivaright livelihoodSanskrit
FAkosuaborn on SundayEwe
FAlbertinanoble and brightAmerican
FAletalittle wingSpanish
FAliskaprotected by GodAmerican
FAlmikathe skyIxil Maya
FAlyssafrees and healsGreek
FAndalasong of the nightingaleArabic
FAnissafriendly onePersian
FAnujathe younger oneHindi
FAnzellaAnn + GazellaAmerican
FArmeliahard workingAmerican
FArthawealthy; prosperousHindi
FAsaliorigins; ancestryHausa
FAtreyawise oneSanskrit
FAvivaone who is livelyHebrew
FAzubahborn on MondayHausa
FBelysailluminated oneSwedish
FBertafree womanLatin
FBhidragoddess Indra's thunderboltPali
FBisetrock doveFrench
FBoladehonor has come at lastYoruba
FCachayprestigious; desirousFrench
FCamelaevergreen treeAmerican
FCantelinalittle songLatin
FCarteliaCarter + AmeliaAmerican
FChaginabrave oneSwahili
FChandaathe moonSanskrit
FCharmaneya verse; a chantAmerican
FChaunceychancellor; secretaryEnglish
FChenziraborn while on a journeyAfrican
FChikaraforce; powerMandarin
FChiwenpersistent; steadyMandarin
FCleonikefamous victoryGreek
F   ---Unique Baby Girl NamesOrigin
FCoralinelike beautiful coralEnglish
FCullie Reeat the woodlandAmerican
FDaitandaring; bold oneJapanese
FDanlyssaDan + LyssaAmerican
FDarlonnaDarla + DonnaAmerican
FDavettasecond king of IsraelHebrew
FDeanthadivine flowerGreek
FDejaniraAmazon warrior womanLatin
FDendreatree; verdantGreek
FDestinydestiny; fateAmerican
FDevyadivine goddessSanskrit
FDhruvapolar starHindi
FDivadivine womanLatin
FDofisecond child after twinsEwe
FDoraynelittle giftAmerican
FDoromenegift of mightGreek
FDurvenbold and daringDutch
FEbonybeautiful and dark-skinnedEnglish
FEdorisletter E + DorisAmerican
FEleafloating; clearSwahili
FElioraGod is my LightHebrew
FEluwato watch the worldIbo
FEmmellinewonderful womanEstonian
FEostrea pagan goddessEnglish
FErenaelegant pictureJapanese
FEromenalittle love; darlingGreek
FEumeliafair singerSpanish
FFahndeliaFawn + DeliaAmerican
FFarishtaangel; messengerHindi
FFayolafortune walks with honorYoruba
FFionafair; white; clearIrish
FFronniamost wise teacherGreek
FGaiathe earthGreek
FGarcellelittle spearFrench
FGaylynnGay + LynnAmerican
FGerlenaGerry + LenaAmerican
FGinetteGod is graciousAmerican
FGunadhiyarich in virtueSanskrit
FHanellegrace; mercyHebrew
FHeomamedicine womanCheyenne
FHoneyhoney; a sweetheartEnglish
FIfamaeverything is fineIbo
FIjomatravel safelyAfrican
FInfinitywithout end; foreverEnglish
FIsisgoddess Mother of all LifeEgypt

*Unique Baby Girl Names - compiled by research & survey

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