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World Names > Page 1 - Baby Names Swedish

Baby Names Swedish

Baby Names Swedish are really great names to consider if you want variety when selecting baby names... We think baby names from Spain are simply fabulous!

At Top 100 Baby Names Search our philosophy is, "consider everything, and pick the best!" What is so great about spanish baby names is that they are unique and there is so many beautiful baby names to choose from.

When I was selecting names for my children I wanted to create a short list from names that I found intriguing in someway. Next, my husband and I went through every name on our short lists and rated them based our own personally selected criteria... Víola!... One or two special names rose to the top. Selecting our children's names was a total blast. I feel the key was having a long list of baby names to begin with.

So, here it is, a long list of Baby Names Swedish for your consideration. Enjoy.

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M/F Baby Names Swedish Meaning of Name Origin
MÅakeancestor Swedish
MÅarjanearth-worker; farmerSwedish
MAdimanoble; famousSwedish
FAgneschaste; holySwedish
FAimeryindustrious rulerSwedish
MAlberquick mindSwedish
FAleitnoble sort Swedish
FAloysiafamous in warSwedish
MAlwinbeloved by allSwedish
FAntonettainvaluable Swedish
MArnbjorgeagle; protectionSwedish
FAslögbetrothed womanSwedish
MBörjeto helpSwedish
FBarbaraforeigner; strangerSwedish
FBengtablessed Swedish
FBertholdglorious rulerSwedish
FBirgitexalted oneSwedish
MBoto have a householdSwedish
MBosseto have a householdSwedish
FCarlis strong; manSwedish
FCharlottestrong; braveSwedish
FChristinafollower of ChristSwedish
FDellaof nobilitySwedish
MErikall-powerful rulerSwedish
MEsbendivine bearSwedish
FFaxonlong hairSwedish
MFredrikpeaceful rulerSwedish
FFridaelf strengthSwedish
MGöranearth-worker; farmerSwedish
FGaryspear carrierSwedish
FGeraldineruler with the spearSwedish
FGilenindustrious pledgeSwedish
MGjordGod's peaceSwedish
MGregerwatchful; vigilantSwedish
MGuillelmusdetermined guardianSwedish
FGunillawar; battleSwedish
MGustafmeditation staffSwedish
MHÅkanhigh sonSwedish
FHaldenhalf DaneSwedish
MHalstenrock stoneSwedish
MHampusGod is graciousSwedish
MHasseGod is gracious Swedish
FHeidanoble sort Swedish
FHeidinoble sortSwedish
FHenkaruler of an estateSwedish
FHilleviremains strong in battleSwedish
FIngaforemost oneSwedish
FIngegärdIng's enclosureSwedish
FIngerIng's enclosureSwedish
FIngridhero's daughterSwedish
MJöranearth-worker; farmerSwedish
FJanneGod is graciousSwedish
FJeffreyGod's peaceSwedish
MJonatanGod has givenSwedish
FKajchicken; hen Swedish
FKerstinfollower of ChristSwedish
FKiafollower of ChristSwedish
FKjerstinfollower of ChristSwedish

*Baby Names Swedish - compiled by research & survey

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