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Boy Names Index > Page 1 - Scottish Names for Boys

Scottish Names for Boys

Are you looking for a large variety of Scottish Names for Boys?... Listed below are 100 of the most popular boy names in Scotland. You will find old favorites and modern selections that will certainly catch your eye. One of these great names is sure to suffice, if your baby boys name just HAS to be from Scotland!

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M/F Scottish Names for Boys Meaning of Name Origin
MAbernathybeginning point of a riverScottish
MAdamman, or mankindHebrew
MAinsleymy own meadowScottish
MAngusexcellent, outstandingScottish
MAnsleymy own meadowScottish
MArranisland dwellerScottish
MAtholone who is from IrelandScottish
MBannerflag bearerScottish
MBarclaybirch treeScottish
MBenson of my right handHebrew
MBlackburnblack brookScottish
MBlairplain, field; placeIrish
MBoydyellow hairedScottish
MBrandonbeacon hillEnglish
MBretfrom Great BritainScottish
MBretonfrom Great BritainScottish
MBrettfrom Great BritainScottish
MBryanstrong, virtuousScottish
MBusbyvillage in the thicketScottish
MBuzzvillage in the thicketScottish
M Scottish Names for BoysOrigin
MCaddockone who is eager for warWelsh
MCadebattler, warriorWelsh
MCaelanvictory of the peopleScottish
MCairnlandmark made of a stone moundWelsh
MCalderbrook, streamWelsh
MCaelenvictory of the peopleScottish
MCallenvictory of the peopleScottish
MCalum doveIrish
MCamdenwinding valleyScottish
MCameroncrooked noseScottish
MCamrencrooked noseScottish
MCamroncrooked noseScottish
MCarmichaelfollower of MichaelScottish
MCarringtonrocky townWelsh
MCawleycow meadowScottish
MCaylanvictory of the peopleScottish
MChristopherfollower of ChristGreek
MCiaran dark little oneIrish
MClydewarm; river in ScotlandWelsh
MCraigcrag; steep rockScottish
MDallasvalley of the water; resting placeScottish
MDanielGod is my judgeHebrew
MDarrengreat one, or a small rocky hillIrish
MDavidbeloved; second son of IsraelHebrew
MDeanleader, or valleyFrench
MDeclanman of prayerIrish
MDilwyna shady placeWelsh
MDonproud ruler of the worldScottish
MDonaldproud ruler of the world; world leaderScottish
MDorrellking's doorkeeperScottish
MDougdark strangerScottish
MDouglasdark river; dark streamScottish
MDrummonddruid's mountainScottish
MDuncanbrown-haired warriorScottish
M Scottish Names for BoysOrigin
MDunlopmuddy hillScottish
MDunmorefortress on a hillScottish
MDunnbrown-haired warriorScottish
MDurellking's doorkeeperScottish
MDylanof the seaWelsh
MEoin young warriorWelsh
MErskinehigh cliffScottish
MEthanstrong of purpose; firmHebrew
MEuanborn to nobilityScottish
MEvanyoung warriorIrish
MEwanborn to nobilityScottish
MFifefrom Fife, ScotlandScottish
MFinlayblonde-haired soldierIrish
MFraserstrawberry; curly-hairedFrench
MFyfefrom Fife, ScotlandScottish
MGarethgentle; Gareth (brave spearman)Welsh
MGarnockdweller by the alder treeWelsh
MGavenwhite hawkWelsh
MGavinwhite hawkWelsh
MGawainwhite hawkWelsh
MGeordantriangular-shaped hillScottish
MGerwinfair loveWelsh

*Scottish Names for Boys - compiled by research & survey

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