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Boy Names Index > Page 1 - Native American Baby Boy Names

Native American Baby Boy Names

Discover Native American Baby Boy Names here on Top 100 Baby Names Search. We specialize in bringing you hundreds of baby names from across the spectrum.

When I was selecting baby names for my three children I wanted to see a super long list of quality baby names. I wanted to see loads of names so that I could pick the very best ones... After all, choosing my children's names was an extremely important task I took very seriously.

So, if you can relate, then you will appreciate the following baby name list right here at Top 100 Baby Names Search... But don't stop there. Take time to browse the entire website. We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised. Quality names are just a click away... Enjoy.

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M/F Native American Baby Boy Names Meaning of Name Origin
MAchaanathe protectorNavajo
MAdahyin the woodsCherokee
MAgna-iyankeruns beside a horseDakota
MAhanuhe laughsN. Amer.
MAhmikthe beaver; dexterityN. Amer.
MAhusakastrikes his wingsWinnebago
MAkandoambushN. Amer.
MAkulehe looks upN. Amer.
MAlmikathe skyMayan
MAlowanprayer songSioux
MAnokiactorN. Amer.
MAnponaI hear the sun risingSioux
MAnunkabald eagle; oldSioux
MApalanisky spiritInca
MApenimontrustyN. Amer.
MApiatanwooden lanceKiowa
MAwansomebody; a personN. Amer.
MBedagibig thunderWabanki
MBiminakskilled roperN. Amer.
MBodawayfire makerN. Amer.
MChankoowashtaythe good roadSioux
MChash-chunk-aocean waveWinnebago
MCheyennepeople of a different speechSioux
MChimalbeauty; handsomeMayan
MDakotafriends; allianceSioux
MDasanleader of the bird clanPomo
MDeganonce a great leaderIroquois
MDelsinhe is soN. Amer.
MDemothihe talks walkingN. Amer.
MDichalitalkativeN. Amer.
MDohosansmall birdN. Amer.
MDyamian eagleN. Amer.
MEchaone who savesCree
MEchahowI help saveCree
MEisufalcon flyingN. Amer.
MElkito hang on top ofMiwok
MElsua swooping, soaring falconN. Amer.
MEnapayenters a conflict bravelySioux
MEnyetohaving a bear-like walkN. Amer.
MEtuwingN. Amer.
MEyotaa great manN. Amer.
MEzhnosolitary; a lonerN. Amer.
MFochikthe celestial starsChickasaw
MGosheventhe great leaperN. Amer.
MHakanfiery; spiritedN. Amer.
MHanfull moonSioux
MHandowannight songSioux
MHelakusunny dayMiwok
MHelkito touchMiwok
MHesututo remove a hornet's nestMiwok
MHiamovihigh chiefCheyenne
MHiawathaled the Iroquois Confed.Iroquois
MHinungod of clouds & rainN. Amer.
MHokamathe guideCree
MHonovistrongN. Amer.
MHosayoung crowArapaho
MHototothe whistlerN. Amer.
MHowahkanmysterious voiceSioux
MHuhuseca-skawhite boneDakota
MHutethe Big DipperN. Amer.
MIchantefrom the heartSioux
MIgashoa wandererN. Amer.
MImasugreat beautyQuechua
MInteushe is not ashamedN. Amer.
MIsekemuslow-moving creekN. Amer.
MIstusap of the sugar pine treeN. Amer.
MItanthe chiefSioux
MItanaleI understandChickasaw
MIyesmokeN. Amer.
MIztalireality is the dreamMayan
MJacygod of all plant lifeTupi-Guarani
MJolonvalley of the dead oaksN. Amer.
MKagaoral historian; storytellerN. Amer.
MKalmanulightning striking a treeMiwok

*Native American Baby Boy Names - compiled by research & survey

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