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Girl Names Index > Page 2 - Mexican Baby Name List

Mexican Baby Name List

Alright... You are looking for Terrific Mexican Baby Name Lists, right?... Well, you have stumbled upon the right website.

Top 100 Baby Names Search was created to provide you with literally thousands of beautiful baby names at your fingertips. Just a mouse Click Here away you will find names for boys and girls from around the world. Some will amaze you, others will amuse you. Some of these names will absolutely make it to your short list. In either case, Top 100 Baby Names Search was designed to aid you in your search for the perfect name for your baby. When I was selecting names for my children I wanted to see names that weren't just the standard "Jennifer", "Katherine" or "Sarah". I wanted to see slightly different names that would help my children to stand out when they went off to school. However, I didn't want them to become the object of teasing...

With that in mind I created a great Mexican Baby Name List below for you to consider. Enjoy.

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Click here for Latino Names

M/F Mexican Baby Name Meaning of Name Origin
MDonaldoworld leaderSpanish
FEdelmeranoble peopleGermanic
MEdgardosuccessful spearmanSpanish
FEfeniaborn to nobilitySpanish
MEladiothe GreekGreek
FEldoragift of sunGreek
FElfeldatall; powerfulSpanish
MElonzonoble + eagerSpanish
FEngraciagood willLatin
MErmanonoble soldierSpanish
FEspiridianabasket makerSpanish
FEstefaniacrowned with laurelsSpanish
FEstefanycrowned with laurelsGreek
MEstevancrowned with laurelsGreek
MEustaciorich of cornGreek
MEziosharp beakLatin
FFelicisimafortunate; happySpanish
MFelixfortunate; happyLatin
MFermínstrong; firmSpanish
MFidenciotrusting; fearlessLatin
MFiladelfobrotherly loveGreek
FFloriselblooming; floweringSpanish
MFocioilluminated; shiningLatin
FFructuosafruitful; fertileSpanish
MFructuosofruitful; fertileSpanish
MGanimedesbeautiful mortalsSpanish
MGencioloves his familyLatin
FGeorginaearth workerGreek
MGilbertobrilliant pledgeSpanish
FGoraneholy crossSpanish
MGracianorecognized by GodLatin
MGraubrave spearmanSpanish
FGuadalupevalley of the woodlandsSpanish
FGuillermadetermined guardianSpanish
MHectorholding fastGreek
FHenriquaruler of the householdSpanish
MHeracliograndiose giftGreek
MHerculanoof God HerculesLatin
FHidalgonoble oneSpanish
MHubertobright mindSpanish
FInfantitaimmaculate childSpanish
FIsabelconsecrated to GodSpanish
FIsobelconsecrated to GodSpanish
FJaedawise; jadeSpanish
FJaidynwise; jadeSpanish
MJairGod enlightensSpanish
MJairohe will light upHebrew
FJameciaisland in the CaribbeanSpanish
FJaydewise; jadeSpanish
MJenaroborn in JanuaryLatin
MJesusGod rescuesHebrew
FJesusaGod rescuesHebrew
MJoséGod will addSpanish
MJosemanuelJose + ManuelSpanish
MJuanGod is graciousHebrew
FJuliadown-bearded youthLatin
FKarymethe attractive oneSpanish
FLandaof the Virgin MarySpanish
MLaszioGod is my helpHebrew
FLegarreof the Virgin MarySpanish
FLibiaborn in LibyaGreek
MLibioborn in a dry placeLatin
FLleseniaconsecrated to GodSpanish
MLorenzocrowned with a laurelSpanish
FMacarenamartial; warlikeSpanish
MMacariohappy; blessedSpanish
MMacielvery slenderLatin
FMahoganyrich and strongSpanish
MMalaquíasmy messengerHebrew
MManuelGod is with usHebrew
MMarcelianomartial; warlikeSpanish
FMaribelMaria + IsabelSpanish
FMaricruzMaria + CruzSpanish
FMarisabelaMaria + IsabellaSpanish
FMarquettamartial; warlikeSpanish

*Mexican Baby Name List - compiled by research & survey

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