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Boy Names Index > List of Baby Middle Names

List of Baby Middle Names

You can discover a terrific List of Baby Middle Names below. I have found that coordinating the first & middle names of your child is really more "art" than "science".

Some folks seem to have a knack for putting together great sounding names, and others... well... don't. No matter what your "talent" is in this area, we've designed Top 100 Baby Names Search to help inspire and organize you.

Okay... You might try this for starters: Write down several first and middle names. Then arrange them together in various combinations. Review your combinations of names. The combo which strikes you particularly well... Vióla... you've got your baby's first and middle name.

Whatever you do, please DON'T be intimidated by the process... Get excited. After all this is an exciting time... Check out the great list of baby middle names below!

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M/F List of Baby Middle Names Meaning of Name Origin
MAaronenlightened; messengerHebrew
MAubreynoble; bearlikeGerman
MAverynoble bearEnglish
MBailey bailiff; stewardFrench
MBennettlittle blessed oneLatin
MBlairplain, field; placeIrish
MBraidenbroad hillEnglish
MBrendonbeacon hillEnglish
MBrettfrom Great BritainScottish
MBrianstrong, virtuousIrish
MBrycealert or ambitiousWelsh
MByroncottage; barnFrench
MCarsonson of CarrEnglish
MChaseagile hunterFrench
MClintonhill townEnglish
MColtencoal townEnglish
MConradhonest counselorGerman
MCraigcrag; steep rockScottish
MDamonconstant, loyalGreek
MDantelasting, enduringLatin
MDawsonson of DavidEnglish
MDaytonday town; lightEnglish
MDenvergreen valleyEnglish
MDenzelfrom Cornwall, EnglandEnglish
MDillonloyal, faithfulIrish
MDrakehaving a dragon trademarkEnglish
MEdwinprosperous friendEnglish
MEllisthe Lord is my GodEnglish
MEmmettindustrious; strongGerman
MEthanstrong of purposeHebrew
MFrancisfree; from FranceLatin
MGarrettbrave spearmanIrish
MGlennfortress in the glenIrish
MGrantgreat plainsEnglish
MHoldenhollow in the valleyEnglish
MHoustonhill townEnglish
MHyrumnoblest, exaltedHebrew
MIvanGod is graciousRussian
MJacksonson of JackEnglish
MJarrettbrave spearmanEnglish
MJuanGod is graciousSpanish
MJustinjust; righteousLatin
MKeatonwhere hawks flyEnglish
MKeltonkeel town; sea portEnglish
MLaynenarrow roadEnglish
MLaytonmeadow farmEnglish
MLincolnsettlement by the poolEnglish
MLouisfamous in battleGerman
MMalcolmfollower of Saint ColumbaScottish
MMarshallcaretaker of the horsesFrench
MMitchellwho is like God?English
MMyronfragrant ointmentGreek
MNoahpeaceful, restfulHebrew
MNoelborn on Christmas dayFrench
MOwenborn to nobilityIrish
MPaytontown of warriorsEnglish
MPeytontown of warriorsEnglish
MPrestonthe estate of a priestEnglish
MQuinnfifth in orderFrench
MQuintinfifth in orderEnglish
MRandallshield wolfEnglish
MReeseswift moving streamWelsh
MRhettswift moving streamWelsh
MRiverriver; riverbankEnglish
MRoryfamous rulerGerman
MSawyerwood workerEnglish
MSeanGod is graciousIrish
MShaneGod is graciousIrish
MTiltonprosperous townEnglish
MSheltontown on a ledgeEnglish
MStewartcaretaker, stewardEnglish
MTannerleather workerEnglish
MTaylor maker of clothingEnglish
MTrevorprudent; homesteadIrish
MTrentontown by a riverLatin
MTristanbold and courageousWelsh
MTyronea sovereign; land of OwenGreek
MTysonson of TyFrench
MVernonspringtime; youthfulLatin
MWadeford; river crossingEnglish
MWarrengeneral; wardenGerman
MWesleywestern meadowEnglish
MWestonwestern townEnglish
MWilsonson of WillEnglish
MWinstonfriendly townEnglish
MZachariahGod rememberedHebrew

*List of Baby Middle Names - compiled by research & survey

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