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Boy Names Index > Least Popular Boy Baby Names

Least Popular Boy Baby Names

Knowing the least popular boy baby names can help you avoid choosing a name that may be unpopular with the kiddies at school... Parents want to know that they've given their children the best chance to succeed in life... So, take a look at these interesting boy names below AND formulate your own ideas of the good, the bad and the ugly.

So, take a look at these interesting boy names below AND formulate your own ideas of the good, the bad and the ugly.

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M/F Least Popular Boy Baby Names Meaning of Name Origin
MAbnerfather of lightHebrew
MAddisonson of AdamEnglish
MAdolfnoble wolfGerman
MAlonsonoble and eagerSpanish
MAlgernonwearing a moustacheEnglish
MArseniomasculine; virileGreek
MArtemusgift from ArtemisGreek
MAuburnreddish brownLatin
MBallardbrave and strongGerman
MBaneson of TalmaíHawaiian
MBaraklightning boltHebrew
MBarrettstrong as a bearGerman
MBarryspear, marksmanWelsh
MBasilroyal, kinglyGreek
MBevisfrom Beauvais, FranceFrench
MCampbellbeautiful fieldLatin
MCawleycow meadowScottish
MCourtneyof the royal courtEnglish
MDartondeer townEnglish
MDestindestiny, fateFrench
MDigbyditch townIrish
MDirkruler of the peopleGerman
MDonahuedark warriorIrish
MDooleydark heroIrish
MEdgarsuccessful spearmanEnglish
MEmoryindustrious leaderGerman
MEugeneborn to nobilityGreek
MEwanborn to nobilityScottish
MEzrahelper; strongHebrew
MFidelfaithful devoteeLatin
MFilmorefamous personEnglish
MFineasoracle, dark-skinnedIrish
MFinlayblonde-haired soldierIrish
MFloydgray-haired, holyEnglish
MGarrisonson of GarryEnglish
MGeneborn to nobilityGreek
MGerrymighty spearmanEnglish
MGideontree cutterHebrew
MGuyguide in battleHebrew
MHarveyfoot soldierGerman
MHermannoble soldierLatin
MHobarthill belonging to BartGerman
MHugobright mind and spiritLatin
MHumphreypeaceful strengthGerman
MIggyfiery, ardentLatin
MIrvingwhite riverIrish
MIrwinhandsome, white riverEnglish
MJedediahbeloved of GodHebrew
MKerrydark-haired oneIrish
MKolbydark-haired oneEnglish
MLeggettone who is sent; delegateFrench
MLelandmeadowland; protectedEnglish
MLexusdefender of mankindGreek
MLonnienoble and eagerGerman
MManvilleworker's villageFrench
MMavericknot bound by customAmerican
MMeldonwindmill set on a hillEnglish
MMorelandmarshland; moorEnglish
MOctaviuseighth in orderLatin
MOdonwealthy protectorHungarian
MOscardivine spearmanScandinavian
MPaigeyouthful assistantEnglish
MParryspear, marksmanWelsh
MQuinnfifth in orderFrench
MQuintaviusQuinn + OctaviusAmerican
MRadleyred meadowEnglish
MReubenbehold a sonHebrew
MSammyheard GodHebrew
MSilasforest dwellerEnglish
MTeddyprosperous guardianEnglish
MUlrichwolf rulerGerman
MUlysseswrathful masterLatin
MVancethresher of grainEnglish
MVanderbelonging to usDutch
MVerdunfort on a hillFrench
MWaldenwooded valleyEnglish
MWaylonland by the roadEnglish
MWilfreddetermined peacemakerGerman
MXanderdefender of mankindGreek
MXanthusgolden hairedLatin
MZebedeeGod's giftHebrew
MZebulonlofty houseHebrew

*Least Popular Boy Baby Names - compiled by research & survey

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