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Boy Names Index > Page 2 - Irish Boys Names

Irish Boys Names

Listed below are the most popular Irish Boys Names in the land... Browse the list and discover the magic of terrific boy names. If you've a little luck of the Irish, then you are soon to stumble across the 'charmed' baby names just right for your little Mckenzie!

At Top 100 Baby Names Search our philosophy is, "consider everything, and pick the best!" What is so great about names from Africa is that they are unique to America, and there is so much to choose from.

So, don't hesitate to check out the girl and boy names below. You are sure to find personal favorites. Maybe even a selection from this Irish Boys Names list or our other great lists - that will be perfect for your baby!

Whatever you do be sure to enjoy the entire process... This is a truly special time in your life!

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M/F Irish Boys Names Meaning of Name Origin
MFinneganlight-skinned; whiteIrish
MFintanfair-haired; white fireIrish
MFionánfair oneIrish
MFlynnson of the red-haired manIrish
MGalbraithScotsman in IrelandIrish
MGallowayScotsman in IrelandIrish
MGannonlight skinned; whiteIrish
MGarrettbrave spearmanIrish
MGarveyrough peaceIrish
MGearoidbrave with a spearIrish
MGerritbrave spearmanIrish
MGilchristservant of GodIrish
MGillespieson of the bishop's servantIrish
MGilroydevoted to the kingIrish
MGirvinsmall; toughIrish
MGlendonfrom the fortress in the glenIrish
MGlenrowanvalley with rowan treesIrish
MGodfreythe peace of GodIrish
MGradynoble; illustriousIrish
MHagenyoung, youthfulIrish
M Irish Boys NamesOrigin
MHarkindark redIrish
MKaelanmighty warriorIrish
MKaenanold wise oneIrish
MKaganlittle fiery oneIrish
MKallenmighty warriorIrish
MKarneyvictorious, fighterIrish
MKassidyclever, curly hairedIrish
MKavanaghKavan's followerIrish
MKaylanmighty warriorIrish
MKaylonmighty warriorIrish
MKeaganlittle fiery oneIrish
MKeanocool breeze over the mountainsIrish
MKearneyvictorious, fighterIrish
MKeeganlittle; fiery oneIrish
MKeelanlittle; slenderIrish
MKeenenold wise oneIrish
MKeganlittle fiery oneIrish
MKeilanlittle, slenderIrish
MKeionborn to nobilityIrish
MKeiranlittle and darkIrish
MKelanlittle, slenderIrish
MKellerlittle companionIrish
MKenanold wise oneIrish
MKendricson of HenryIrish
MKennedyhelmeted chiefIrish
MKenyonwhite-haired blondIrish
MKermitfree from envyIrish
MKerrydark-haired oneIrish
MKevin kind and gentleIrish
MKeyanborn to nobilityIrish
MKianborn to nobilityIrish
MKienanold wise oneIrish
MKieranlittle KeirIrish
M Irish Boys NamesOrigin
MKilea narrow piece of landIrish
MKinnardtall slopeIrish
MKirianborn in a dark placeIrish
MKraigcrag, steep rockIrish
MKynarrow piece of landIrish
MKylannarrow piece of landIrish
MKyliannarrow piece of landIrish
MKyranlittle and darkIrish
MLarkinrough; fierceIrish
MLennonsmall cloak; capeIrish
MLiemdetermined guardianIrish
MLochanland of the lochs (lakes)Irish
MLochlanland of the lochs (lakes)Irish
MLogan meadowIrish
MLománbare; sensitiveIrish
MLorcanlittle brave & fierce warriorIrish
MMacallisterson of AlistairIrish
MMaccoyson of HughIrish
MMackenziechild of the wiseIrish
MMackinleyson of the learned rulerIrish
MMacleanson of LeanderIrish
MMacmurrayson of MurrayIrish

*Irish Boys Names - compiled by research & survey

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