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World Names > Page 2 - Irish Baby Name List

Irish Baby Name List

Looking for an Irish Baby Name List?... If you are searching for a lovely and unique name for your baby that will help her stand out from the kiddie-crowd, then you have come to the right place.

In fact, if you are like I was when I was naming my children (I have 3, by the way), then you want a large assortment of truly great baby names from which to choose... And you don't want to get a tension headache surfing all over the net to accomplish this. Am I warm?...

We have provided you with a terrific Irish Baby Name List and other terrific naming lists -- all in one great location! To discover fantastic & fun baby names just browse the entire website... Enjoy.

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M/F Irish Baby Name Meaning of Name Origin
FEdainpretty faceIrish
FEibhlinlittle bird; rivalIrish
MEliottthe Lord is my GodHebrew
FEmerready; swiftIrish
MEoinGod is gracious Irish
MEvanyoung warriorIrish
FFallantaspirit and mind are healthyGaelic
MFaolanlittle wolfIrish
MFerdiaman of GodIrish
MFindlaechfair warriorIrish
MFindlayblond-haired soldierIrish
FFinngualawhite shoulderIrish
MFinnianlittle fair oneIrish
FFinuallafair maidenGaelic
FFionnghualawhite shoulder; fairIrish
MFionntanlittle fair one Irish
FFionnualawhite shoulderIrish
MFlannerydescendant of Flannabhra Irish
MFlannghalred valorIrish
MGalenbright shining whiteGaelic
MGallagerforeign helpIrish
MGaynorson of the fair-skinned manIrish
MGealanbright & livelyGaelic
MGearaltspear rulerIrish
MGilleanservant of St. JohnIrish
MGilmoredevoted to the Virgin MaryIrish
MGilroyred-haired ladIrish
FGobnaitlittle smithIrish
MGofraidhGod's peaceIrish
MHanleydescendant of ÁinleIrish
MHarbinbright armyIrish
MHoytmind; spiritIrish
MHurleysea tideIrish
FIomlanwhole and completeGaelic
MIonatanGod has givenIrish
MJacobson of IsaacHebrew
MJayblue jayFrench
MJaydenGod has heard usHebrew
MJosephGod will addHebrew
MJoshuaGod is my salvationHebrew
MKathelbattle rulerIrish
MKearneysoldier; warlikeIrish
FKearradark-haired or dark-skinnedIrish
MKearydark-haired or dark-skinnedIrish
MKeenansmart one; ancient oneIrish
FKellanKelly + LynnIrish
FKelleebrave warriorIrish
FKellynKelly + LynnIrish
FKeriannKeri + AnnIrish
MKernlittle and darkIrish
MKevanhandsome and gentle childIrish
MKielnarrow piece of landIrish
MKierlittle and darkIrish
MKieranlittle and darkIrish
MKyelenarrow piece of landIrish
FKylacrown; laurelIrish
MKylenarrow piece of landIrish
MLantydevotee of Saint SeachnallIrish
FLaoisefamous warrior Irish
FLiadaingrey ladyIrish
MLochlainland of lakesIrish
MLucabringer of lightItalian
MLucasbringer of lightGerman
FMacantakind oneGaelic
MMacarthurson of ArthurIrish
MMaccreason of graceIrish
MMaedocmy dearIrish
FMairasea of bitternessIrish
MMaitiugift of GodIrish
MMalnames beginning with MalIrish
MMalachymy messengerIrish
FMaresea of bitternessIrish
MMark martial; warlikeLatin
MMartanof the god MarsIrish
FMaveintoxicating Irish
FMavourneenmy honey; my sweet oneIrish

*Irish Baby Name - compiled by research & survey

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