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World Names > Page 2 - Hungarian First Names

Hungarian First Names

You will find Hungarian First Names... because at Top 100 Baby Names Search we have researched long and hard to provide you with a comprehensive list of baby names.

Your baby's name is our business. AND we take that very seriously! We've got the most comprehensive world, religious, popular, humorous, and entertaining baby name lists on the net today.

At Top 100 Baby Names Search we've provided you just that... Great Hungarian First Names Lists and so much more. But don't take my word for it. Browse around and decide for yourself. After all this is a very special time in your life. -- So enjoy it.

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M/F Hungarian First Names Meaning of Name Origin
FIlitorch or moonHungarian
MIllésJehovah is GodHungarian
FIlonkatorch or moonHungarian
MImruspower of workHungarian
FIrmawar godHungarian
FIstváncrowned with laurelsHungarian
MIvanGod's gracious giftHungarian
MIzidorgift of ideasHungarian
MIzsákhe will laughHungarian
MJánosGod is graciousHungarian
MJaniGod is graciousHungarian
FJankaGod is graciousHungarian
MJenciborn to nobilityHungarian
MJenõborn to nobilityHungarian
FJolaviolet flowerHungarian
FJolánkaviolet flowerHungarian
MJoszefGod will addHungarian
FJozsaGod will addHungarian
MJózsiGod's gracious giftHungarian
FJuciblessed be the LordHungarian
FJuditwoman of JudeaHungarian
FJuliyouthful attendantHungarian
FJuliannayouthful attendantHungarian
FJuliskayouthful attendantHungarian
MKálmánstrong and manlyHungarian
MKarcsistrong and manlyHungarian
FKarolastrong and manlyHungarian
FKarolyson of joyHungarian
FKataall pureHungarian
FKatalinall pureHungarian
FKatiall pureHungarian
FKatóall pureHungarian
FKatusall pureHungarian
MKelemengentle and mercifulHungarian
FKittiall pureHungarian
FKlarikabrilliant; illustriousHungarian
FKlotildfamous battleHungarian
MKonrádbold counselHungarian
MKristóffollower of ChristHungarian
FKrisztinafollower of ChristHungarian
MLacirules with gloryHungarian
MLászlófamous warrior Hungarian
MLecsoguide Hungarian
MLencicrowned with laurelsHungarian
MLevigovernor, guide Hungarian
FLilikelily flowerHungarian
MLojzefamous brillianceHungarian
MLórántcrowned with laurelsHungarian
MLorenczcrowned with laurelsHungarian
FLuciabringer of lightHungarian
FLujzafamous warriorHungarian
MMacoGod is with usHungarian
FMalikaindustrious; queenHungarian
MManoGod is with usHungarian
MMarcilkamartial, warlikeHungarian
FMártalady Hungarian
FMártuskalady Hungarian
FMathildbrave in battleHungarian
MMátyásgift of GodHungarian
MMicubelonging to the LordHungarian
MMikawho is like God?Hungarian
MMiksathe greatestHungarian
MMiskawho is like God?Hungarian
FMónikaadvise, counselHungarian
FNatáliaborn at ChristmasHungarian
MNikivictorious peopleHungarian
MNikkovictorious peopleHungarian
FNikolettvictorious peopleHungarian
Mödiwealthy protectorHungarian
MOrbánborn in the cityHungarian
FOrzsebetconsecrated to GodHungarian
FPannifavor; graceHungarian
FPersziconsecrated to GodHungarian
MPéterrock; stoneHungarian
MPetirock; stoneHungarian
MPisticrowned with laurelsHungarian

*Hungarian First Names - compiled by research & survey

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