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Boy Names Index > Page 3 - Hebrew Names Boys

Hebrew Names Boys

Do You want great Hebrew Names Boys?... The list below contains some of the most popular Jewish names of all time, including many unique, and traditional names as well.. You can find the gamut of the Jewish naming spectrum right here at Top 100 Baby Names Search!

For most purposes this single list will do. BUT if you still want to look at more great names, then don't worry... You can find so many more naming lists on Top 100 Baby Names Search.  In fact, we have worked very hard to bring you terrific baby names. Go ahead and browse away!

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M/F Hebrew Names Boys Meaning of Name Origin
MOrimy light Hebrew
MOsazefavored by GodHebrew
MPhineasof dark complexionHebrew
MQayinlance, spearHebrew
MRaananfresh, luxuriantHebrew
MRaguelone of the seven archangelsHebrew
MRaphaelhealed by GodHebrew
MRavidjewelry, ornamentHebrew
MRemielone of the seven archangelsHebrew
MReubenbehold a sonHebrew
MRubenbehold a sonHebrew
MSachielangel of waterHebrew
MSamsonson of SamHebrew
MSamuelHis name is GodHebrew
MSethappointed by the LordHebrew
MShaygift Hebrew
MShimonhearkening Hebrew
MShmuelGod has hearkened  Hebrew
MSimonHe who hearsHebrew
MSivanthe ninth monthHebrew
MSolomonman of peaceHebrew
MTalmorning dew Hebrew
MTalmaiabounding in furrowsHebrew
MTalmanto injure; to oppressHebrew
MTamurstately like a palm treeHebrew
MTemanright hand; southHebrew
MThaddeusPraise be to GodHebrew
MTivonlover of natureHebrew
MTobiahGod is goodHebrew
MTobiasGod is goodHebrew
MTuvyaGod is good Hebrew
MUdipleasant & sympathetic Hebrew
MUriahGod is lightHebrew
MUriellight of GodHebrew
MUzimy strengthHebrew
MYaakovsupplanter  Hebrew
MYachinhe establishes Hebrew
MYadidfriend, belovedHebrew
MYadonHe will judgeHebrew
MYahvehHe will cause to become Hebrew
MYahwehHe will cause to become Hebrew
MYairhe shines Hebrew
MYalonmurmuring, tarrying Hebrew
MYanGod's graceHebrew
MYanisGod's giftHebrew
MYanivhe will prosperHebrew
MYardenflowing down  Hebrew
MYarinto understandHebrew
MYaronto shout and singHebrew
MYechezkelGod will strengthen Hebrew
MYehielmay God liveHebrew
MYehosefGod will increaseHebrew
MYehoshuaGod is salvationHebrew
MYehudahhe who is praised  Hebrew
MYereddescent  Hebrew
MYeshayaGod is salvation Hebrew
MYitzhakhe will laugh  Hebrew
MYoavJehovah is the father Hebrew
MYochananGod is gracious Hebrew
MYoelYahweh is God Hebrew
MYonaha form of Jonah; dove Hebrew
MYonatanGod has given Hebrew
MYoramexalted by God Hebrew
MYosefGod will increaseHebrew
MYuvaltrumpet, musician  Hebrew
MZabulonto exalt; honorHebrew
MZachariahremembered by the LordHebrew
MZacharyremembered by the LordHebrew
MZakaione who is innocentHebrew
MZaneGod's graceHebrew
MZebadiahgift of the LordHebrew
MZedekiahjustice of the LordHebrew
MZephantreasured by GodHebrew
MZephaniahGod has hiddenHebrew
MZimrimy praiseHebrew
MZionhomeland, or heaven Hebrew
MZoharbrilliant Hebrew

*Hebrew Names Boys - compiled by research & survey

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