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Girl Names Index > Hawaiian Girl Names

Hawaiian Girl Names

Looking for Hawaiian Girl Names?... If you are searching for a lovely and unique name for your baby girl that will help her stand out from the kiddie-crowd, then you have come to the right place.

In fact, if you are like I was when I was naming my children (I have 3, by the way), then you want a large assortment of truly great baby names from which to choose... And you don't want to get a tension headache surfing all over the net to accomplish this. Am I warm?...

We have provided you with the most popular names in the land -- all in one great location! To discover fantastic & fun baby names and lists just browse the entire website... because, Hawaiian Girl Names are really all about "tropical flowers" and "cool and beautiful breezes", so pick a name that will be memorable. Enjoy.

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M/F Hawaiian Girl Names Meaning of Name Origin
FAhulaniheavenly shrineHawaiian
FAkamaiwisdom & skillHawaiian
FAlamearipe; preciousHawaiian
FAlaniorange treeHawaiian
FAlanialike calm watersHawaiian
FAlikamost beautifulHawaiian
FAnialike the seaHawaiian
FAolaniheavenly cloudHawaiian
FAulaniroyal messengerHawaiian
FInoaof the Virgin MaryHawaiian
FKalanichieftain; skyHawaiian
FKaleiflower wreathHawaiian
FKaliabright & clearHawaiian
FKameaunique; preciousHawaiian
FKamiyaunique; preciousHawaiian
F   ---Hawaiian Girl NamesOrigin
FKelianagloriously calmHawaiian
FKekonasecond-born childHawaiian
FLahelafemale sheepHawaiian
FLanisky; heavenHawaiian
FLeilaniheavenly flowerHawaiian
FMahinamoon glowHawaiian
FMakanagift; presentHawaiian
FMalanabuoyant; lightHawaiian
FMaliahsea of bitternessHawaiian
FMamosaffron flowerHawaiian
FManalwise woman; clairvoyantHawaiian
FMelesong; poemHawaiian
FMililaniheavenly caressHawaiian
FMoanaocean; fragranceHawaiian
FNalanicalm as the heavensHawaiian
FNoelanibeautiful one from heavenHawaiian
FPekeillustrious; brilliant rulerHawaiian
FPualaniheavenly flowerHawaiian
FRoselaniheavenly roseHawaiian
FSukeylily or rose flowerHawaiian
FUalanirain from heavenHawaiian
FWainanibeautiful waterHawaiian
FWehilaniheavenly adornmentHawaiian
FWilikiniapure; virginalHawaiian
FHonuathe earthHawaiian
FIolaniheavenly hawkHawaiian
FKaithe sea; lovableHawaiian
FKalamalight the torchHawaiian
FKamalathe gardenHawaiian
FKamaleibeloved childHawaiian
FKamelemelody; songHawaiian
FKananithe beautyHawaiian
FKealaniwhite heavenHawaiian
FKelaone who excelsHawaiian
FKeonasweet fragranceHawaiian
FKoalimorning glory flowerHawaiian
FKulanistanding in heavenHawaiian
FLanaiveranda; porchHawaiian
FLanitasky; heavenHawaiian
FLeolanivoice of heavenHawaiian
FLuanarelaxed oneHawaiian
F   ---Hawaiian Girl NamesOrigin
FMakalithe Pleiades starsHawaiian
FMakoabrave one; heroHawaiian
FMalanalight; buoyantHawaiian
FManasupernatural powerHawaiian
FMaulanaconstantly floatingHawaiian
FMeliathe plumeria treeHawaiian
FMoanifragrance on the breezeHawaiian
FNaneato enjoy; relaxHawaiian
FNoelaniheavenly mistHawaiian
FOkanaextreme; beyond compareHawaiian
FPolaniheavenly nightHawaiian
FWaheafascinating oneHawaiian
FWailaniheavenly waterHawaiian
FAlamaearth and eternityHawaiian
FAlanaawakening to ariseHawaiian
FAlanimountain on Lanai IslandHawaiian
FApanebeautiful red birdHawaiian
FWailanabuoyant as fresh waterHawaiian
FWanikaGod is graciousHawaiian

*Hawaiian Girl Names - compiled by research & survey

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Hawaiian Girl Names


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