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Girl Names Index > Girls Names Baby

Modern - Girls Names Baby

Are you looking for a really terrific Girls Names Baby List?... Okay maybe 'spankin' is not the right word... awesome... fantastic... comprehensive... At Top 100 Baby Names we have put together the best elements of girl names, imagination and tradition -- to offer you the very best in naming lists... Don't take my word for it. Browse around and decide for yourself. We know you will agree that we're "TOPS" among baby naming sites on the web today.

Listen... I have three children of my own. AND I distinctly remember wanting to see EVERYTHING... I didn't want to miss a single great baby name. As a result I scoured wide categories, and thousands of baby names. After all, my baby's name could be hiding on a list somewhere... AND I would know it as soon as I saw it...

So trust me when I say that...  We at Top 100 Baby Names Search  really get how important naming your baby is!

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M/F Girls Names Baby Meaning of Name Origin
FAdelanoble and sereneEnglish
FAkaylaletter A + KaylaAmerican
FAkylieletter A + KylieAmerican
FAlisontruthful and nobleEnglish
FArdenvalley of the eagleEnglish
FAspenaspen treeEnglish
FAuburnreddish brownEnglish
FBonniagood-natured and cheerfulAmerican
FBritinfrom Great BritainEnglish
FCaleighbrave warriorAmerican
FCarriefarmer; song of joyEnglish
FChaniceGod is graciousAmerican
FChellewho is like God?American
FCourtesycourtesy; courteousAmerican
FDaelynnDae + LynnAmerican
FDarahletter D + SarahAmerican
FDionetteof Dionysus - god of wineAmerican
FEdannaEda + AnnaAmerican
FEdriceprosperous rulerEnglish
FFondaleafy branchAmerican
FGenerawhole kind or classEnglish
FGeralynGeraldine + LynnAmerican
FHaeleydweller in the hay meadowEnglish
FHazelhazelnut treeEnglish
FJadinejade; semi-precious stoneAmerican
FJanealGod is graciousAmerican
FJelissaJean + LisaAmerican
FJessilynJessica + LynnAmerican
FJonnaGod is graciousAmerican
FJoycenajoy, delightAmerican
FKaeliea crown of laurelAmerican
FKarelsong of joyAmerican
FKasseyhelper of mankindAmerican
FKendelruler of the valleyEnglish
FKenikablack clothAmerican
FKeyondaprefix Ki + AnaAmerican
FKinseyoffspring; relativeEnglish
FKrystlebrilliant as glassAmerican
FLakeiyaintelligent, pureAmerican
FLaquishaprefix La + QueishaAmerican
FLauryncrowned with laurelsEnglish
FLavongrove of alder treesAmerican
FLekeishaprefix La + KeishaAmerican
FLouisafamous warriorEnglish
FMacaylawho is like God?American
FMarie ElaineMarie + ElaineAmerican
FMarleahhigh towerAmerican
FMaudebattle maidEnglish
FMckennachild of the wise leaderAmerican
FMiekanew moonAmerican
FMissyhoney beeEnglish
FMyrissaof the seaAmerican
FPollyannaPolly + AnnaEnglish
FRaveenaraven; blackbirdEnglish
FRayanneRae + AnnAmerican
FRenedareborn, born againAmerican
FRossalenebeautiful roseAmerican
FShalanaprefix Sha + LanaAmerican
FShantesaprefix Sha + TesaAmerican
FShareebeloved, dearestAmerican
FShawandaprefix Sha + WandaAmerican
FSheniseGod is graciousAmerican
FStarlynlittle starEnglish
FTadarabeautiful & pureAmerican
FTamileneTammy + EileenAmerican
FTanieshaTanya + AishaAmerican
FTayatailor; seamstressEnglish
FTerry-LynnTerry + LynnAmerican
FTimihonoring GodEnglish
FTreasurehidden riches; treasureAmerican
FTykeraprefix Ta + KiraAmerican
FValoravalor; courageEnglish
FWhoopihappy; excitedEnglish
FYarelithe Lord is my lightAmerican

*Girls Names Baby - compiled by research & survey

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