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Girl Names Index > Page 3 - French Girls Names

French Girls Names

Alright... You are looking for Terrific French Girls Names, right?... Well, you have stumbled upon the right website.

Top 100 Baby Names Search was created to provide you with literally thousands of beautiful baby names at your fingertips. Just a mouse Click Here away you will find names for boys and girls from around the world. Some will amaze you, others will amuse you. Some of these names will absolutely make it to your short list. In either case, Top 100 Baby Names Search was designed to aid you in your search for the perfect name for your baby. When I was selecting names for my children I wanted to see names that weren't just the standard "Jennifer", "Katherine" or "Sarah". I wanted to see slightly different names that would help my children to stand out when they went off to school. However, I didn't want them to become the object of teasing...

With that in mind I created the list below to give you some great French Girls Names to consider. Enjoy.

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M/F French Girls Names Meaning of Name Origin
FMichellewho is like God?French
FMiettesmall; sweetFrench
FMignondainty & petiteFrench
FMimisea of bitternessFrench
FMiryato look or gazeFrench
FMoniquasolitary advisorFrench
FMusettalittle bagpipeFrench
FNadeenreceived the call of GodFrench
FNadiyahreceived the call of GodFrench
FNaevalife; first womanFrench
FNatalleborn on Christmas dayFrench
FNaudiareceived the call of GodFrench
FNicholasvictorious peopleFrench
FNickivictorious peopleFrench
FNickyvictorious peopleFrench
FNicolevictorious peopleFrench
FNicolettevictorious peopleFrench
FNicolinavictorious peopleFrench
FNicollevictorious peopleFrench
FNikolettevictorious peopleFrench
FNoelleborn on Christmas dayFrench
FNycolevictorious peopleFrench
FOdelettemelody, songFrench
FOpalinelike an opalFrench
FOrvagolden; worthyFrench
FPageyoung assistantFrench
FParisacapital city of FranceFrench
FParriscapital city of FranceFrench
FPeridotyellow-green gemFrench
FPippirosy cheekedFrench
FRachelefemale sheepFrench
FRachellefemale sheepFrench
FRacquelfemale sheepFrench
FRaphaellehealed by GodFrench
FRaquellefemale sheepFrench
FRemifrom Rheims, FranceFrench
F   ---French Girls NamesOrigin
FRenéeborn againFrench
FReneaborn againFrench
FRenelleborn againFrench
FRenitaborn againFrench
FRisettepleasant little laughFrench
FRochellelarge stoneFrench
FRomyfrom Rome, ItalyFrench
FRosabelbeautiful roseFrench
FRosiclaraRose + ClaraFrench
FRubaprecious stoneFrench
FRusshellredhead; fox coloredFrench
FSaleenasolemn, dignifiedFrench
FSalinasolemn, dignifiedFrench
FSatinsmooth; shinyFrench
FSedonafrom San-Denis, FranceFrench
FShariahbeloved, dearestFrench
FSharitabeloved, dearestFrench
FSharleenlittle and strongFrench
FShereebeloved, dearestFrench
FShereenbeloved, dearestFrench
FSherellbeloved, dearestFrench
FShericebeloved, dearestFrench
FSherrybeloved, dearestFrench
FSidneefrom Saint-Denis, FranceFrench
FSidneyfrom Saint-Denis, FranceFrench
FSidniefrom Saint-Denis, FranceFrench
FSidoniefrom Saint-Denis, FranceFrench
FSolangesolitary; aloneFrench
FSolenthe sunFrench
FSorrelreddish brown in colorFrench
FSuzettelily or roseFrench
FSydneefrom Saint-Denis, FranceFrench
FSydneyfrom Saint-Denis, FranceFrench
FTurquoisebluish-green stoneFrench
FVeroniquetrue imageFrench
FVignettesmall vineFrench
FVillettesmall townFrench
FVioletapurple-blue flowersFrench
FVirginiepure, virginalFrench
FVonnyyoung archerFrench

*French Girls Names - compiled by research & survey

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