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Girl Names Index > Page 1 - Exotic and Unusual Baby Names

Exotic and Unusual Baby Names

Okay. So you are after Exotic and Unusual Baby Names... You want something acceptable but slightly different so that it stands out a bit among its peers... Right?... Well, join the club!

When I was selecting names for my three children, I had the same mindset. I wanted my kids to have memorable names that would get them some notice in life -- BUT would not cause other children to pick on them... Listen... Your baby's name is our business, AND we take that very seriously! We've got the most comprehensive religious, humorous, and entertaining baby name lists on the net today...

We at Top 100 Baby Names Search have tried very hard to provide you just that... Great exotic and unusual baby names & more!... But don't take my word for it. Browse around and decide for yourself. After all this is a very special time in your life!... So enjoy it.

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M/F Exotic and Unusual Baby Names Meaning of Name Origin
FAbaborn on ThursdayFante
FAbebiwe asked for herYoruba
FAblafine & full figureArabic
FAdebolathe crown is hersYoruba
FAinathe birth was difficultYoruba
FAjalonplace of gazellesHebrew
FAlainbeautiful oneGaelic
FAlceponeshining powerGreek
FAlexindefender of mankindGreek
FAlleahascender, exaltedArabic
FAlondrathe lark birdSpanish
FAmetaneliving womanCheyenne
FAndrayahstrong, courageousGreek
FAnkacolor of the dawnJapanese
FAntheaa flowerGreek
FArmindasoldier, warriorLatin
FArubashe loves her husbandArabic
FAsyaborn during griefSwahili
FAubreyelf rulerGerman
FAviellaGod is my FatherHebrew
FAyameiris flowerJapanese
FAzukasupport is paramountAfrican
FBernadethbold as a bearGerman
FBiolaborn into a good familyYoruba
FBodhakato awake & expandSanskrit
FBramanisoul expressionSanskrit
FBusaraone with practical wisdomSwahili
FCamenagoddess of poetry & songLatin
FCandrathe moonSanskrit
FCarinkind graceGreek
FCedoniaa swallow birdGreek
FChaianimated & aliveHebrew
FChantalstone; boulderFrench
FCharlisepeasant womanAmerican
FChausikuborn at nightSwahili
FCheneydweller near the oak woodAmerican
FChiffonahan rich clothAmerican
FChimalabeautyIxil Maya
FChiquitalittle oneSpanish
FChrystelleclear quartz; brilliant glassAmerican
FCleviadwells at the cliffsAmerican
FCordeanCora + DeanAmerican
FCygnebeautiful swanFrench
FDa'Juneprefix Da + JuneAmerican
FDamiaearth goddessGreek
FDannetteDan + AnnetteAmerican
FDarmandaDarla + AmandaAmerican
FDasialetter D + AsiaAmerican
FDeshathe teacherSanskrit
FDevaneedivine oneSanskrit
FDharathe earthHindi
FDiantheflower of GodGreek
FDondilady of rankAmerican
FDoreenlittle giftIrish
FDorjesacred thunderboltTibetan
FEdelinanoble; fancy ringGerman
FElaradaughter of PoseidonGreek
FElilaGod of the feminineHebrew
FElqennais superiorAmharic
FEmikosmile childJapanese
FEnzebestows favorsMandarin
FErityis specialJapanese
FErnaito be wide awakeBasque
FEstergoddess of Spring EquinoxEnglish
FEunikegood victoryGreek
FEzumepure water; pondJapanese
FFanakaprospers & succeedsSwahili
FFatimaabstains from the forbiddenArabic
FFemilove meYoruba
FFolashadehonor bestows a crownYoruba
FGadinaflower gardenHausa
FGamelahonest; earnest oneZulu
FGarmagoddess of danceTibetan
FGayleneGay + DarleneAmerican
FGeorgettefarmer, gardenerFrench
FGrahaniyataken into the heart; worthySanskrit
FHaideefield of heatherEnglish
FHananiafavored by GodHebrew
FHayamirare unusual beautyJapanese
FHeshimarespect; honorSwahili
FHumiyahistory; healthy boyJapanese
FHypatiaseat of the soulGreek
FIfeomaa good thingIbo
FIndraking of the godsSanskrit

*Exotic and Unusual Baby Names - compiled by research & survey

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