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Boy Names Index > European Baby Names

European Baby Names

Find great European Baby Names here... Sure well-known names such as "Fritz" & "Paolo" are on the list, but little known treasure are there as well.

The thing to do is to browse and discover for yourself how truly terrific these boy names are. The lesson here is that when it comes to boy names from Europe, there are plenty of wonderful choices to suit just about anybody's tastes!

I remember when I was selecting names for my first child... I wanted to see EVERYTHING. I didn't want to miss a single great name. So, in that same spirit of thorough carefulness we present you with the following list of terrific European Baby Names...

Enjoy and don't hesitate to take a look at the entire website.

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M/F European Baby Names Meaning of Name Origin
MAbelardonoble, resoluteSpanish
MAbramofather of many nationsItalian
MAitamathe helperEstonian
MAlonzanoble and eagerSpanish
MAroldoarmy leaderItalian
MAverillborn in AprilFrench
MBaileybailiff; stewardFrench
MBeppeGod will addItalian
MBohdanworld leaderUkrainian
MBronspring; fountainDutch
MDallasvalley of the waterScottish
MDemiántamer, sootherSpanish
MDenizthe oceanTurkish
MDonaldproud ruler of the worldScottish
MElonnoble and eagerSpanish
MEricruler of all; brave rulerScand.
MFadriquepeaceful rulerSpanish
MFerdinandodaring, adventurousItalian
M European Baby NamesOrigin
MFraserstrawberry; curly-hairedFrench
MGianpaoloGian + PaoloItalian
MGiuseppeGod will addItalian
MGregorvigilant watchmanScottish
MGusexceptional, outstandingScand.
MHannesGod is graciousFinnish
MHervéarmy warriorFrench
MIndrothe victorSpanish
MJarekborn in JanuarySlavic
MJermainefrom GermanyFrench
MKabilspear, gathererTurkish
MKarebpure; immaculateDanish
MKenhearth and homeScottish
MLacklanland of lakesScottish
MLarenzocrowned with a laurelItalian
MLeandrobrave as a lionSpanish
MLerenzocrowned with laurelsSpanish
MLorettocrowned with a laurelItalian
MLukifamous warriorBasque
MMachaswho is like God?Polish
MMalonegrace from GodLithuanian
MMarcomartial, warlikeItalian
MMarsalismartial, warlikeItalian
MMathieugift of GodFrench
MMedarnodeserves to be honoredSaxon
MMichailwho is like God?Russian
MMircoassures the peaceSpanish
MMontgomerymountain of a wealthy manFrench
MMuratwish come trueTurkish
MNormanman from NorwayFrench
MOsmanyoung craneTurkish
MPascualborn on EasterSpanish
MPepaGod will addCzech
MPietersmall rockDutch
MPrimeiroborn firstItalian
MRafaelGod has healedSpanish
MRaykingly, royalFrench
MRenardobold, and courageousItalian
MRomariopilgrim to Rome, ItalyItalian
MRudafamous wolfCzech
M European Baby NamesOrigin
MRuyfamous rulerSpanish
MSamoheard GodCzech
MSilvioforest dwellerItalian
MSonashappiness; blissGaelic
MSuelitalittle lilySpanish
MTeminto make safeTurkish
MThurstonThor's stoneScand.
MTramainehouse of stoneScottish
MTusyasurpassing expectationsRussian
MUgutzGod is graciousBasque
MVainariver's mouthFinnish
MVasiliosroyal, kinglyItalian
MVidalalive, vitalSpanish
MWaltierarmy rulerFrench
MWybornwar bearScand.
MYasenash treeRussian
MYustynjust, righteousRussian
MZarekGod protect the kingPolish
MZivenvigorous livelySlavic

*European Baby Names - compiled by research & survey

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European Baby Names


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