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World Names > Page 1 - Ethiopian Baby Names

Ethiopian Baby Names

Discover a super long list of fabulous Ethiopian Baby Names... I don't know about you -- when I think of Ethiopian first names, I think culture and  tradition... All of these qualities provide a wonderful reason why you should consider some of the great baby names below... So, if you are looking for great baby names that will help open your eyes to new possibilities, then you've come to the right page.

Your baby's name is our business, AND we take that very seriously. We've got the most comprehensive religious, humorous, and entertaining baby name lists on the net today...

After all, we at Top 100 Baby Names Search have tried very hard to provide you with great Ethiopian Baby Names and more... But don't take my word for it. Browse around and decide for yourself.

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M/F Ethiopian Baby Names Meaning of Name Origin
MAbaithe Nile riverEthiopian
MAbebehe has flourishedAmharic
FAbrihetshe had made it lightEthiopian
FAdanechshe a rescued themAmharic
FAdinashe has savedAmharic
FAfeworkspeaks of pleasing thingsEthiopian
MAfeworkspeaks of pleasing thingsEthiopian
FAlitashmay I not lose youAmharic
FAmharathe Amhara peopleEthiopian
FAyanabeautiful flowerEthiopian
FBathshebadaughter of an oathHebrew
MBekelehe has grownEthiopian
FBekeleshe has grownEthiopian
FBelkisthe Queen of ShebaEthiopian
MBenaimson of the right handEthiopian
FBerhanemy lightAmharic
MBerhanuyour lightEthiopian
MBerhanuahis lightAmharic
MBerihunlet him be our guideAmharic
FBertapeople of Ethiopia and SudanEthiopian
MBertabe strong; persevereAmharic
MBworopeople of EthiopiaEthiopian
FCherentown in EritreaEthiopian
MDaniachewyou will be judgedEthiopian
FDebremountain; hillEthiopian
FDebterapriest who is in trainingAmharic
FDessetown in the Eritrea regionEthiopian
FDillatown in southern EthiopiaEthiopian
MEremiasGod will upliftEthiopian
MEzanafourth century Christian kingEthiopian
FFalashalandless ones; Ethiopian JewsAmharic
FFalashinalanguage spoken by FalashasAmharic
MFasilidashistoric king of EthiopiaEthiopian
MGabraan offeringAmharic
MGeberealGod is my strengthEthiopian
MGebrean offeringAmharic
MGondarroyal town in EthiopiaEthiopian
FHabeshaof the Ethiopian highlandsEthiopian
MHaeranmasculine; virileEthiopian
MHakimdoctor; medicine manAmharic
MHakymdoctor; medicine manEthiopian
MIskanderdefender of mankindEthiopian
MIskinderdefender of mankindEthiopian
MIyasuChristian emperor of EthiopiaEthiopian
FJahzarabeloved princessEthiopian
FJazarahbeloved princessEthiopian
MJimatown in southwest EthiopiaEthiopian
MKafaarea in southwestern EthiopiaEthiopian
MKalebreference biblical CainAmharic
FKaylaethnic group and their languageEthiopian
MKelilemy brother; my protectorAmharic
FKerentown in EritreaEthiopian
FKesspriest of an Ethiopian churchEthiopian
FKiflemy classEthiopian
MKiflemy shareAmharic
MLebnaspirit; heartEthiopian
FLebnaspirit; heartEthiopian
FLishanaward; medalAmharic
FLouamsleep wellEthiopian

*Ethiopian Baby Names - listed in order of popularity

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