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Boy Names Index > Cute Boy Names

Cute Boy Names

The following Top 100 Cute Boy Names are taken from recent US Social Security Data. We have provided you with the most popular names in the land. To discover other fantastic & fun baby names and lists browse the entire website.

We’ve researched, and scoured multiple sources to bring you quality boys names and girls names. As usual our desire is to help you find the perfect name for your baby.

At Top 100 Baby Names Search we have striven to provide you with great variety. Our goal is to be your premier resource for popular & cute boy names & so much more... Don't take our word for it... After all this is a very special time in your life. Check us out. AND Enjoy.

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M/F Cute Boy Names Meaning of Name Origin
MAaronenlightened messengerHebrew
MActontown by the oaksEnglish
MAlexandredefender of mankindFrench
MAnselfollower of a noblemanFrench
MAshbyash tree farmScand.
MAxelaxe; small oak treeLatin
MBlakehandsome and darkEnglish
MBordenvalley of the boarFrench
MBradfordbroad river crossingEnglish
MBrawleymeadow on the hillsideEnglish
MBrightonbright townEnglish
MBurdettsmall shieldFrench
MCamroncrooked noseScottish
MCarvellvillage on the marshFrench
MChansea record keeperEnglish
MChatonlittle catFrench
MChevyhorseman, knightFrench
MDaneone from DenmarkEnglish
MDarrensmall rocky hillIrish
MDeanleader, or valleyFrench
MDellsmall valleyEnglish
MDidierdesired, longed forFrench
MDominicbelonging to the LordLatin
MElanlife force; inspiredFrench
MElstonnoble's townEnglish
MErlingson of a noblemanEnglish
MEvanyoung warriorIrish
MFentonmarshland farmEnglish
MFletcherarrow makerEnglish
MForrestforest, woodsmanFrench
MGabrieldevoted to GodHebrew
MGarrettbrave spearmanIrish
MGlennfortress in the glenIrish
MGranvillelarge villageFrench
MGuyllaumedetermined guardianFrench
MHamiltonproud estateEnglish
MHarleyhare's meadowEnglish
MHewittlittle smart oneGerman
MHunthunter of animalsEnglish
MIsaiahGod is my salvationHebrew
MJaea form of Jay; blue jayFrench
MJasperornamental stoneFrench
MJermainefrom GermanyFrench
MKenta region in EnglandWelsh
MKillianlittle KellyIrish
MKurthonest and goodLatin
MLandanopen, grassy meadowEnglish
MLavellvalley manFrench
MLennybrave as a lionGerman
MLionellion cubFrench
MLondonfortress of the moonEnglish
MLukelight bringerLatin
MMacfarlaneson of FarlaneEnglish
MMaddoxbenefactor's sonEnglish
MManvilleworker's villageFrench
MMarlohill by the lakeEnglish
MMateogift of GodSpanish
MMaxmaximum; the greatestLatin
MOllieolive treeEnglish
MParkerpark keeperEnglish
MPerrytraveler, falconEnglish
MPrestonpriet's estateEnglish
MRadcliffcliff with reedsEnglish
MRandyshield wolfEnglish
MReubenbehold a sonHebrew
MRobertfamous brillianceEnglish
MRoyceson of RoyEnglish
MSeanGod is graciousIrish
MSherrodclearer of the landEnglish
MSpenserdispenser of provisionsEnglish
MSterlingvaluable; silver pennyEnglish
MTannerleather workerEnglish
MTavisa form of ThomasScottish
MTimothyhonoring GodHebrew
MTreytontown full of treesEnglish
MTylertile makerEnglish
MVanriver crossingDutch
MWadeford; river crossingEnglish
MWalshfrom WalesEnglish
MWestonwestern townEnglish
MWoodleyold forestEnglish
MZacharyGod rememberedHebrew

*Cute Boy Names - compiled by research & survey

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