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Girl Names Index > Page 3 - Chinese Name Meanings

Chinese Name Meanings

Want great Chinese Name Meanings?... The list below contains some of the most popular Chinese baby names of all time, including many unique, and traditional names as well... You can find the gamut of the naming spectrum right here in a single list. For most purposes this single list will do. But don't worry there are many more naming lists on Top 100 Baby Names Search for you to consider.

Listen... Your baby's name is our business, AND we take that very seriously! We've got the most comprehensive religious, humorous, and entertaining baby name lists on the net today...

We at Top 100 Baby Names Search have tried to provide you just that... Great Chinese Name Meanings & so much more!...

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M/F Chinese Name Meanings Meaning of Name Origin
MShirongscholarly honorChinese
MShoi-Minglife of sunshineChinese
FShuangfrank; open-heartedChinese
MShunyuanfollow to the sourceChinese
MSiyuthinking of the worldChinese
FSongpine treeChinese
MSueh-Yéncontinuity; harmoniousChinese
FSuyinunadorned soundChinese
MTaiwanisland dwellerChinese
MTengfeisoaring highChinese
MTingzhemay the court be wiseChinese
MTungall; universalChinese
FUshiox; a sign in the zodiacChinese
MWanghope; wishChinese
FWeicipreserving loveChinese
MWeimingreatness to the peopleChinese
MWeishenggreatness is bornChinese
MWeiyuanpreserving depthChinese
MWenchengrefinement accomplishedChinese
FWenqianrefined madder (the herb)Chinese
MWenyanrefined and virtuousChinese
MWuzhoufive continents Chinese
MXiangcircling in the air (like a bird)Chinese
MXiaobolittle wrestlerChinese
FXiaodanlittle dawnChinese
FXiaofanlittle ordinaryChinese
FXiaohuilittle wisdomChinese
MXiaojianlittle healthyChinese
FXiaojingmorning luxurianceChinese
FXiaolianlittle lotusChinese
FXiaolingmorning tinkleChinese
FXiaoshenglittle birthChinese
MXiaoshenglittle birthChinese
FXiaotongmorning rednessChinese
FXiaowenmorning cloud coloringChinese
FXiaozhilittle irisChinese
MXiashenglittle newbornChinese
FXiulangraceful orchidChinese
FXiurongelegant countenanceChinese
MXueqinsnow-white celeryChinese
MXueyoustudious and friendlyChinese
FYanpretty swallow (bird)Chinese
MYangmodel; patternChinese
FYanlinswallow forestChinese
MYanlinBeijing forestChinese
FYanyuBeijing jadeChinese
MYaochuanhonoring the riverChinese
MYaozuhonoring the ancestorsChinese
FYenayshe who lovesChinese
MYifirm and resoluteChinese
FYingclever; eagleChinese
MYingjiebrave and heroicChinese
FYingtaiflower terraceChinese
MYongnianeternal yearsChinese
MYongruiforever luckyChinese
FYujade; rainChinese
FYuanshining peaceChinese
MYuanjunmaster of the Yuan riverChinese
FYumingjade brightnessChinese
FYunrucharming seemingChinese
MYunxucloudy emptinessChinese
MYushengjade birthChinese
MZedongeast of the marshChinese
MZengguangincreasing brightnessChinese
MZenguangincreasing brightnessChinese
FZhaohuiclear wisdomChinese
MZhengshengmay the government riseChinese
MZhenshengmay the government riseChinese
FZhilaniris orchidChinese
MZhiqiangwill is strongChinese
MZhongloyal; steadfastChinese
MZianself peaceChinese
MZihaoson heroicChinese
MZixinself confidenceChinese
MZongmengMencius as a modelChinese
FZongyingflowers as a modelChinese

*Chinese Name Meanings - compiled by research & survey

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