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Girl Names Index > Page 2 - Chinese Girl Names

Chinese Girl Names

You will find Chinese Girl Names & other fantastic baby girl names at Top 100 Baby Names Search. One of these great baby names is sure to have just the right blend of the exotic... and pretty that you've been looking for... At the very least a few of these great "gems" might make it to your short list!

I remember when I was selecting names for my first baby... I wanted to see EVERYTHING from every culture. I didn't want to miss a single great name. As a result I scoured wide categories, and thousands upon thousands of baby names. After all, my baby's name could be hiding on a list somewhere... AND I would know it as soon as I saw it...

In that same spirit of thorough carefulness -- we present you with the following list. Enjoy it. Don't hesitate to take a look at the entire website. Look carefully... One of these great Chinese Girl Names - from the Orient, just might be your baby's name. Feel free to browse away.

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M/F Chinese Girl Names Meaning of Name Origin
FMingxiabright glow through cloudsChinese
FMingyubright jadeChinese
FMingzhubright pearlChinese
FMu lanmagnolia blossomChinese
FMu tantree peony blossomChinese
FNinghongtranquil redChinese
FNuwamother goddessChinese
FPeijingadmiring luxurianceChinese
FPeizhiadmiring irisChinese
FQiànrúnice smileChinese
FQiaohuiskilful & wiseChinese
FQiaolianskilful alwaysChinese
FQingdark blue Chinese
FQinggeclear pavilionChinese
FQinglingcelebration of understandingChinese
FQingzhaoclear understandingChinese
FQiuyueautumn moonChinese
FRùfennice fragranceChinese
FRenxiangbenevolent fragranceChinese
FRougentle; mildChinese
FRuilingauspicious jade tinklingChinese
FRuolanlike an orchidChinese
FRuomeilike a plumChinese
FShaoqingyoung blueChinese
FSheu-fùhelegant phoenixChinese
FShihongthe world is redChinese
FShuangfrank; open-heartedChinese
FShuchunfair purityChinese
FSongpine treeChinese
FSuyinplain & unadorned soundChinese
FTaopeach - symbol for long lifeChinese
FTujade - element in earth cycleChinese
FUshithe oxChinese
FWeicipreserving loveChinese
FWenlingtinkling sound of refined jadeChinese
F   ---Chinese Girl NamesOrigin
FWenquianrefined matterChinese
FXiarosy cloudsChinese
FXiaodanlittle dawnChinese
FXiaofanlittle & ordinaryChinese
FXiaohuilittle wisdomChinese
FXiaojianlittle healthyChinese
FXiaojingmorning luxurianceChinese
FXiaolimorning jasmineChinese
FXiaolianlittle lotusChinese
FXiaolingmorning tinkleChinese
FXiaoqinglittle blueChinese
FXiaoshenglittle birthChinese
FXiaotongmorning rednessChinese
FXiaozhilittle irisChinese
FXifengwestern phoenixChinese
FXingjuanarising graceChinese
FXiu Meibeautiful plumChinese
FXiulangraceful orchidChinese
FXiurongelegant countenanceChinese
FXiuyinggraceful flowerChinese
FXuemansnowy graceChinese
FYángsun TiayangChinese
FYüyingjade flowerChinese
FYüzhenjade gemChinese
FYanswallow bird; gorgeousChinese
FYanmeiBeijing plumChinese
FYanyuBeijing jadeChinese
FYet Kwaibeautiful as a roseChinese
FYingclever; eagleChinese
FYingtaiflower terraceChinese
FYujade; rainChinese
FYuèhaibeautiful moonChinese
FYuèqínmoon-shaped luteChinese
FYuanshining peaceChinese
FYubijade emeraldChinese
FYu-junfrom ChongchingChinese
FYumingjade brightnessChinese
FYunrucharming seemingChinese
FYushengjade birthChinese
FZhaohuiclear wisdomChinese
FZhilaniris orchidChinese
FZongyingtaking flowers as a modelChinese

*Chinese Girl Names - compiled by research & survey

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