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World Names > Page 3 - Cambodian Name Meanings

Cambodian Name Meanings

Okay. What you want is Cambodian Name Meanings all in one easy (yet high quality) list, right?... Well, welcome to Top 100 Baby Names Search.

I positively love Italian baby names. And if you are on this web page then chances are you love Cambodian baby names too. This list is designed to bring together a variety of name choices for your viewing pleasure. So, go ahead and check us out. But don't stop there.

Browse the entire site, we hope you will agree that our little baby names site is THE premier place to go on the net for baby names.

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M/F Cambodian Name Meanings   Meaning of Name Origin
MSopathsoft; gentleCambod.
MSophaepclever; wisdomCambod.
FSopheaclever; wisdomCambod.
MSopheaktragentle faceCambod.
FSopheapgentle; properCambod.
MSopheapproper and gentleCambod.
MSophearahandsome; attractiveCambod.
FSophearyattractive; beautifulCambod.
FSoportevybeautiful; angelicCambod.
MSothearclean; pureCambod.
FSothearasweet flowerCambod.
MSothiyapure soulCambod.
MSothyintelligence; scholarCambod.
FSothyintelligence; scholarCambod.
FSovandarygold starCambod.
FSovanearygolden girlCambod.
MSovannlike goldCambod.
FSovannagolden; dreamCambod.
FSovannaigolden; dreamCambod.
MSovannargolden; dreamCambod.
MSovannarithgolden boyCambod.
FSraembeautiful brown skinCambod.
FSreygirl; feminineCambod.
FSrey Doungyoung coconut girlCambod.
FSrey Leakperfect girlCambod.
FSrey Mombeloved girlCambod.
FSreymaublack girlCambod.
FSreynuontender girlCambod.
FSreypichdiamond girlCambod.
MSroscharmingly beautifulCambod.
FSroscharmingly beautifulCambod.
FSuorsdeyjoyful greetingCambod.
FTaevyangel; angelicCambod.
FThavaryan angel; good spiritCambod.
FThearyhelper; aideKhmer
MThomoldest one; largeCambod.
FThomoldest one; largeCambod.
FThydagirl born of royaltyCambod.
FTochyoung one; smallCambod.
FTolaborn in OctoberCambod.
MVannakhaving classCambod.
FVeasnadestiny; fateCambod.
MVibolin abundanceCambod.
MVichearknowledge or educationCambod.
MVichetmagnificent; colorfulCambod.
FVimeanroyalty; grandeurCambod.
MVireakabsence of desireCambod.
MVireakbothbrave; noble sonCambod.
MVisalexcellent; largeCambod.
MVisethexcellent; superbCambod.
MVisnadestiny; fateCambod.
MVisothheavenly; pureCambod.
MVisothirithheavenly; pureCambod.
MVitharaspacious; expansiveCambod.
MVithuintelligent; scholarlyCambod.

*Cambodian Name Meanings - compiled by research & survey

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