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Boy Names Index > Page 2 - Boy Names in Spanish

Boy Names in Spanish

You are really going to love these Boy Names in Spanish... I remember when I was selecting names for my first child... I wanted to see EVERYTHING. I didn't want to miss a single great name. As a result I scoured wide categories, and thousands of baby names. After all, my baby's name could be hiding on a list somewhere... AND I would know it as soon as I saw it...

So, in that same spirit of thorough carefulness we present you with the following list... Enjoy.

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M/F Boy Names in Spanish Meaning of Name Origin
MGallanbrave one; gallantSpanish
MGanimedesmost beautiful mortalSpanish
MGarcíamighty with a spearSpanish
MGenaroconsecrated to GodLatin
MGencioloves his familyLatin
MGeraldomighty spearmanSpanish
MGerardobrave spearmanSpanish
MGilbertobrilliant pledgeSpanish
MGracianoone recognized by GodLatin
MGraubrave spearmanSpanish
MGuillermodetermined guardianSpanish
MGustavostaff of the GothsSpanish
MGutierrearmy rulerSpanish
MHerculanoof the god HerculesLatin
MHilarioHilary; cheerfulSpanish
MHoraciokeeper of the hoursLatin
MHubertobright mind; bright spiritSpanish
MIggyIgnatius; fiery, ardentLatin
MIlidioarmy; troopLatin
MIndíbilhe who is very blackSpanish
MIsadorogift of the goddes IsisSpanish
MJadejade; precious stoneSpanish
MJairGod enlightensSpanish
MJandodefender of mankindSpanish
MJenaroborn in JanuaryLatin
MJoaquínGod will establishSpanish
MJorgeluisJorge + LuisSpanish
MJoséGod will addSpanish
MJosealfredoJose + AlfredoSpanish
MJoseantonioJose + AntonioSpanish
MJosemanuelJose + ManuelSpanish
MJosuéGod is my salvationSpanish
MJuanGod is graciousSpanish
MJuanjoseJuan + JoseSpanish
MJulíanyouthful, downySpanish
MJustinojust, righteousSpanish
MLaurenciocrowned with laurelsSpanish
MLeliohe who is talkativeLatin
MLerenzocrowned with laurelsSpanish
M Boy Names in SpanishOrigin
MLibaniotree of incenseLatin
MLibioborn in a dry placeLatin
MLorenzocrowned with a laurelSpanish
MLuísfamous warriorSpanish
MLucíobringer of lightSpanish
MLuisfamous warriorSpanish
MLuisenriqueLuis + EnriqueSpanish
MMacariohappy, blessedSpanish
MMaceoMace; clubSpanish
MMacielvery slenderLatin
MMancioone who fortells the futureLatin
MMangoGod is with usSpanish
MMarcelianomartial, warlikeSpanish
MMariusmartial, warlikeLatin
MMartínezmartial, warlikeSpanish
MMartesemartial, warlikeSpanish
MMateogift of GodSpanish
MMattéogift of GodSpanish
MMauriciodark skinnedSpanish
MMiguelwho is like God?Spanish
MMiquewho is like God?Spanish
MMircohe who assures the peaceSpanish
MMoisessaved from the waterSpanish
MMontezdweller in the mountainsSpanish
MNaldoking's advisorSpanish
MNaolinsun god of the MexicoSpanish
MNapiernew citySpanish
MNatalday of Christ's birthSpanish
MNeloGod is my judgeSpanish
MNeopololion of the woodlandSpanish
MNerostern; cruelSpanish
MNestorwise travelerSpanish
MNetoearnest, sincereSpanish
MNigeldark nightLatin
MNoelinoday of Christ's birthSpanish
MNorbertobrilliant heroSpanish
MOctavioeighth in orderLatin
MOleosholy oil used in churchSpanish
MOliveroolive treeLatin

*Boy Names in Spanish - compiled by research & survey

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