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Boy Names Index > Page 3 - Boy French Names

Boy French Names

"Hear Ye... Presenting fantastic Boy French Names for your viewing pleasure"... Alright, a little corny, right? But listen. French naming traditions have really influenced cultures from around the country & world.

French Baby Names are all about being unique, inventive, free & memorable... Many other cultures have begun to adopt those tenets when selecting their baby names as well. People want to go far beyond the traditional "Jennifer" & "John". Folks these days are much more open to considering a wide variety of names for children.

At Top 100 Baby Names Search we have striven to provide you with just such variety. Our goal is to be the premier resource for boy French names and other baby name searches on the net today. Don't take our word for it... Check us out.

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M/F Boy French Names Meaning of Name Origin
MParnelllittle rockFrench
MPascalborn on Easter or PassoverFrench
MPaullittle oneLatin
MPeppindetermined, petitionerFrench
MPercivalpierce the valleyFrench
MPercypierce the valleyFrench
MPernelllittle rockFrench
MPhilipelover of horsesFrench
MPierpontliving underneath the bridgeFrench
MPierrelittle oneFrench
MPomeroyapple orchardFrench
MPrewittbrave little oneFrench
MPurvisproviding foodFrench
MQuennellsmall oak treeFrench
MQuentinfifth in orderEnglish
MQuinceyfifth son's estateFrench
MQuincyfifth son's estateFrench
MQuintinfifth in orderFrench
M Boy French NamesOrigin
MRémifrom Rheims, FranceFrench
MRafaelleGod has healedFrench
MRangerforest keeperFrench
MRaoulwolf counselorFrench
MRaphaƫlGod has healedFrench
MRapiersharp bladeFrench
MRawlinsfamous throughout the landFrench
MRaykingly, royalFrench
MRaynardbold and courageousFrench
MRemifrom Rheims, FranceFrench
MRenardbold and courageousFrench
MReneone who has been rebornFrench
MReulefamous wolfFrench
MReynardbold and courageousFrench
MRobinfamous brillianceEnglish
MRomainfrom RomeFrench
MRondela short poemFrench
MRoykingly, royalFrench
MRoyalkingly, royalFrench
MRusselredhead, fox coloredFrench
MRustinredhead, fox coloredFrench
MSabastienvenerable, reveredFrench
MSachadefender of mankindRussian
MSamuelheard God; asked of GodHebrew
MSatordirelating to god SaturnFrench
MSavillewillow townFrench
MScovilleScott's townFrench
MSebastienvenerable, reveredFrench
MSidneyfrom Saint-Denis, FranceFrench
MSiffrevictorious peaceFrench
MSimeonGod has heard usFrench
MSimonthe Lord has heard usHebrew
MSinclairhonoring Saint ClairFrench
MSofianedevoted, loyalArabic
MSomerborn in summerFrench
MSullystain, tarnishFrench
MSydneyfrom Saint-Denis, FranceFrench
M Boy French NamesOrigin
MSylvainforest dwellerFrench
MTalbotboot makerFrench
MTalonclaw; nailFrench
MTelfordiron cutterFrench
MThéogift of GodEnglish
MThayernation's armyFrench
MThibaultpeople's princeFrench
MThibautpeople's princeFrench
MThieryruler of the peopleFrench
MTitouangiant heroFrench
MToussaintall the saintsFrench
MTysonson of TyFrench
MVachelsmall cowFrench
MValentinstrong and healthyLatin
MValerestrong, healthyFrench
MVallisfrom Wales, EnglandFrench
MVerdunfort on a hillFrench
MVictoirvictor, conquerorFrench
MVictorvictor, conquerorLatin
MWaltierarmy rulerFrench
MWilliamdetermined guardianGerman
MWyattlittle warriorFrench
MYanisGod is graciousGreek
MYannGod is graciousGreek
MYvesyoung archerFrench
MYvonyoung archerFrench
MZosimefull of lifeFrench

*Boy French Names - compiled by research & survey

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