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World Names > Page 2 - Baby Names Swiss

Baby Names Swiss

Discover a super long list of fabulous Baby Names Swiss right here at Top 100 Baby Names Search... I don't know about you but when I think of Baby Names Swiss, I think culture, tradition, inventiveness & the epitome of uniqueness... All of these qualities are marvelous and provide a wonderful reason to consider some of the great names below. Let's face it, the world is shrinking and is much more multi-cultural these days... AWESOME!

I have three children of my own -- and I can distinctly remember what fun it was to pick out their names and discuss them at length (Okay, ARGUE at length...) about them with my husband. I also remember feeling a bit concerned that the names were going to stick for life, so I wanted really great ones.

At Top 100 Baby Names Search we've tried very hard to provide you just that... Terrific Baby Names Swiss and much more!... But don't take my word for it. Browse all 6 pages of our Black girls names and decide for yourself. -- After all this is a very special time in your life!... So enjoy it.

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M/F Baby Names Swiss   Meaning of Name Origin
MKristianfollower of ChristSwiss
FLinntwin; flowerSwiss
FLinneatwin; flowerSwiss
MLovefamous warriorSwiss
FLovisafamous warrior Swiss
MMÅrtenwarlike; martialSwiss
FMagdalenewoman of MagdalaSwiss
MMartinuswarlike; martialSwiss
FMikaelwho is like God?Swiss
FMinkastrong; resoluteSwiss
FNeatwin; flowerSwiss
MNilsvictory of the peopleSwiss
MNissevictory of the peopleSwiss
MOlleforefather's heirSwiss
MOlovforefather's heirSwiss
MOscardivine spearmanSwiss
FPaxtontrader; town of peaceSwiss
MPellerock; stoneSwiss
MPetterrock; stoneSwiss
FRebeckasnares or trapsSwiss
FRoaldfame powerSwiss
FRosalindhorse serpentSwiss
MSigfridpeaceful victorySwiss
MSigmundvictory shieldSwiss
MSigvardguardian of victorySwiss
FSolvigstrong houseSwiss
FStewartkeeper of the estateSwiss
MTheodoricruler of the peopleSwiss
MThorbjörnThor's bearSwiss
MTorbjörnThor's bearSwiss
MTorkelThor's cauldronSwiss
FTovapeace of ThorSwiss
MTychohitting the markSwiss
MUdoone with great fortureSwiss
FUlandnoble countrySwiss
MUlrichprosperity powerSwiss
FWaltraudrule strengthSwiss
MWendella wendSwiss
MWilburbright resolveSwiss
MWillardbold resolveSwiss
MWillermusdetermined guardianSwiss
MWolfgangwolf strifeSwiss

*Baby Names Swiss - compiled by research & survey

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