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Girl Names Index > Page 3 - Baby Names Irish Girls

Baby Names Irish Girls

Find even more Baby Names Irish Girls... At Top 100 Baby Names Search we have researched long and hard to provide you with a comprehensive list of baby names.

If you are anything like me, You want great names that will help your baby girl stand out from the crowd without making her subject to teasing. I have three children and I can distinctly remember what fun it was to pick out their names and discuss them at length -- Okay, ARGUE at length about them...

I also remember feeling concerned that the names were going to stick for life, so I wanted good ones. We at Top 100 Baby Names Search have tried to provide you just that... GREAT BABY NAMES Irish Girls!

Don't take my word for it - decide for yourself... You are most welcome and invited to search around the entire website. Enjoy.

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M/F Baby Names Irish Girls Meaning of Name Origin
FNolanafamous & nobleIrish
FNoraleenlittle lightIrish
FNualawhite shoulderedIrish
FOriellafair; white skinnedIrish
FOrlagolden; womanIrish
FO'sheachild of SheaIrish
FPhallongrandchild of the rulerIrish
FRaeganlittle rulerIrish
FRaganlittle rulerIrish
FRegannelittle rulerIrish
FReghanlittle rulerIrish
FRhonwynwhite breastedIrish
FRianavirtuous, honorableIrish
FRorifamous brillianceIrish
FRoryfamous brillianceIrish
FRyannalittle rulerIrish
FRyannelittle rulerIrish
FSeairavelvety blackIrish
FSeirravelvety blackIrish
FShaefairy palaceIrish
FShae-Lynnfairy palaceIrish
FShaifairy palaceIrish
FShailynnfairy palaceIrish
FShalenefairy placeIrish
FShaneeGod is graciousIrish
FShanieGod is graciousIrish
FShanleyhero's childIrish
FShannahGod is graciousIrish
FShannensmall & wiseIrish
FShannonsmall & wiseIrish
FShaunGod is graciousIrish
FShaundaGod is graciousIrish
FShauntaeGod is graciousIrish
FShawnGod is graciousIrish
FShawndelleGod is graciousIrish
FShawneeGod is graciousIrish
FShawntaGod is graciousIrish
FShayafairy palaceIrish
FShayannShay + AnnIrish
FShayanneShay + AnneIrish
FShaylafairy palaceIrish
FShaylahfairy palaceIrish
FShayleefairy palaceIrish
FShaylenShay + LynnIrish
FShaylenefairy palaceIrish
FShayliefairy palaceIrish
FShaylynShea + LynnIrish
FShaylynnShea + LynnIrish
FSheafairy palaceIrish
FShenaGod is graciousIrish
FShonaGod is graciousIrish
FShondaGod is graciousIrish
FShonnaGod is graciousIrish
FShontaviaGod is graciousIrish
FSiannaGod is graciousIrish
FSiaravelvety blackIrish
FSiarravelvety blackIrish
FSinaGod is graciousIrish
FSineadGod is graciousIrish
FSiobhanGod is graciousIrish
FTarahthrow, carryIrish
FTarithrow, carryIrish
FTarinthrow, carryIrish
FTarrahthrow, carryIrish
FTarynthrow, carryIrish
FTeriaof the earthIrish
FTrevinaprudent; homesteadIrish
FTrevonaprudent, homesteadIrish
FTristianbrave warriorIrish
FTristiannabrave warriorIrish
FTroycurly hairedIrish
FTroyacurly hairedIrish
FTullyat peace with GodIrish
FUlasea jewel; wealthyIrish
FVevilamelodious voiceIrish

*Baby Names Irish Girls - compiled by research & survey

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