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Girl Names Index > Page 2 - Baby Names in Cuba

Baby Names in Cuba

When I think of Baby Names in Cuba, certain classics come to mind... Montez, Paulo, & Julio -- However, there are so many others that are terrific as well. We have provided you with terrific Cuban baby names below & derivatives, as well as some nicknames. Because we understand that when it comes to YOUR baby only the best will do...

If you are looking for a baby name that isn't just run-of-the-mill, or a name that every other little girl seems to have, then you've definitely come to the right place. We've got terrific baby names for your beautiful baby girl or boy.

So, at Top 100 Baby Names Search we've tried very hard to provide you just that... Great Baby Names in Cuba & so much more!... But don't take my word for it.

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M/F Baby Names in Cuba Meaning of Name Origin
MFranciscofrom FranceSpanish
MFredopeaceful rulerSpanish
FFructuosasweet as fruitSpanish
MGanimedesbeautiful mortalsSpanish
MGavinwhite hawkWelsh
MGeraldomighty spearmanSpanish
MGeronciolittle old manGreek
FGertrudesbeloved warrior womanSpanish
FGodalupeof the mother MarySpanish
MGoliardthe rebelSpanish
MGorgoniothe violent oneGreek
FGuillermadetermined guardianSpanish
MGutierrearmy rulerSpanish
MHeliodorogift of the sun godGreek
MHermilolittle HermesGreek
MHerodotothe sacred talentGreek
MHomerohostage; pledgeSpanish
MHubertobright mindSpanish
FIdurreof the Virgin MarySpanish
FInfantitaimmaculate childSpanish
MIreneolover of peaceGreek
FIsabelconsecrated to GodSpanish
MIsidorothe goddess IsisGreek
FJacynthebeautiful; attractiveSpanish
FJadziaprecious gemstoneSpanish
FJaidynprecious gemstoneSpanish
MJairGod enlightensSpanish
FJaquindabeautiful; attractiveSpanish
MJavieroowner of a new houseSpanish
FJesusaGod is my salvationSpanish
MJimenoHe heardSpanish
MJorgeluisJorge + LuisSpanish
MJoseantonioJose + AntonioSpanish
FJuanetaGod is graciousSpanish
MJuanjoseJuan + JoseSpanish
MKosmoharmonious; universeGreek
FLandaof the Virgin MarySpanish
MLaostand of glorySpanish
MLearcojudge of his villageGreek
MLerenzocrowned with laurelsSpanish
FLeyathe constellation LeoSpanish
MLuísfamous warriorSpanish
MLuisangelLuis + AngelSpanish
MMacariohappy; blessedSpanish
FMadeirasweet wineSpanish
FMaitasorrowful ladySpanish
MMangoGod is with usSpanish
MMarkosmartial; warlikeSpanish
FMarquesaworks with a hammerSpanish
MMartezmartial; warlikeSpanish
MMartinezmartial; warlikeSpanish
MMauriciodark skinned; moorSpanish
MMeleciocareful and attentiveGreek
MMendooffers sacrifices to GodSpanish
MMiguelwho is like God?Spanish
MMinchoson of my right handSpanish
MMingoborn on SundaySpanish
FMiranastrange; wonderfulSpanish
MMircoassures the peaceSpanish
MMontezof the mountainsSpanish
MNaldoking's advisorSpanish
MNectarionectar of lifeGreek
MNeonew life; giftGreek
MNeriosea travelerGreek
MNestorwise travelerSpanish
MNicéforobrings victoryGreek
FNicanoravictorious armySpanish
MNichoof the god of wineSpanish
MNinoyoung childSpanish
MNormandoman of the northSpanish
FOledaof GodSpanish
MOlofamous in the landSpanish
MOrfeohas a good voiceGreek
FOrioleblack-and-orange birdLatin
FOrquideabeautiful as a flowerItalian
FOsannapraise the LordLatin
MOsbaldoGod's powerSpanish
MOswaldoGod's powerSpanish

*Baby Names in Cuba - compiled by research & survey

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