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American Baby Name List

American Baby Name List from: HO - PO

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M/F Baby Names American Baby Name Meanings Origin
MHoraciokeeper of the hoursLatin
MHuxleywhere Hugh dwellsEnglish
MHydeland equal to 120 acresAmerican
FIsabelleconsecrated to GodFrench
FIyeshalife; womanAmerican
FJahnauifirst month of yearAmerican
MJailenmeadow of the blue birdAmerican
FJalesaJae + LisaAmerican
MJamesonson of JamesEnglish
FJamie-LynnJamie + LynnAmerican
FJanaleeJana + LeeAmerican
FJanessaletter J + VanessaAmerican
FJaxinethe greatestAmerican
MJazzoriginal American musicAmerican
FJenciaGod is graciousAmerican
MJeremyGod will upliftEnglish
FJevetteJean + YvetteAmerican
FJontelGod is graciousAmerican
MKaikeeper of the keysAmerican
FKailelaurel; crownAmerican
FKameryncrooked noseAmerican
FKarianeKari + AnnAmerican
FKarol AnnKarol + AnnAmerican
FKassiehelper of mankindAmerican
FKaylynKay + LynnAmerican
FKelbyfarm by the springGerman
MKendalevalley of the riverAmerican
FKenishaKendra + AishaAmerican
FKeyondraprefix Ki + AnaAmerican
FKimbraKim + DebraEnglish
FKimmiechief; rulerEnglish
MKingswellking's wellEnglish
MKirklinchurch's estateAmerican
FK'Sealetters K + CAmerican
MKyndallvalley of the riverAmerican
FLadiedraprefix La + DiedraAmerican
FLakishaprefix La + KeishaAmerican
FLanenarrow roadEnglish
MLangdonlong hillEnglish
FLarshellLars + ShellAmerican
MLathanbarn; districtAmerican
FLatrenaletter L + KatrenaAmerican
FLawnaattractive; peacefulAmerican
FLeeannaLee + AnnaEnglish
FLeTonyaprefix Le + TonyaAmerican
MLindenlinden hillAmerican
MLivingstonLeif's townEnglish
FLorenacrowned with laurelsEnglish
FLorettacrowned with laurelsEnglish
MLyndalvalley of the lime treesAmerican
MLyndenlinden hillEnglish
FMackensiechild of the wise leaderAmerican
FMadgehigh towerGreek
MManricopowerful leaderAmerican
FMardellameadow near a lakeEnglish
FMarie JeanneMarie + JeanneAmerican
FMarkishaMary + KeishaEnglish
MMarleylake meadowEnglish
FMashauvachubby cheeksAmerican
MMatthewgift of GodHebrew
FMattygood; child of MaudEnglish
FMegeanpearl; greatAmerican
FMerciamartial; warlikeEnglish
MMerivalepleasant valleyEnglish
FMikenziechild of the wise leaderAmerican
MMitchwho is like God?English
FMonaesolitary; advisorAmerican
FMonikasolitary; advisorGerman
MMuhammadthe praised oneAmerican
MNedprosperous guardianEnglish
FNeddaprosperous guardianEnglish
FNivierastream; riverAmerican
MNoelborn Christmas dayFrench
MNorwardprotector of the northAmerican
MOvertontown high on a hillAmerican
MPalmerpalm-bearing pilgrimEnglish
MPeltontown by a poolAmerican
FPerrysmall rockEnglish
MPerrytraveler; falconEnglish

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American Baby Name List