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African Name Meaning

African Name Meaning from: IC - KU

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M/F Baby Names African Name Meaning Origin
FIcesssupreme goddessEgyptian
MIdiborn during the Idd festivalSwahili
FIlchahuequeunmarried womanMapuche
MIlommy enemies are manyYoruba
FImagreat beautyQuechua
FImanibelief; trustSwahili
MImaranstrong oneSwahili
FIracemafrom where the honey comesTupi
MIroagbulamlet enmity destroy meIbo
MIrumbafirst-born after twinsRutooro
MIsabiryehe who gives birth to twinsLusoga
MItembetrust; confidenceZulu
FIveremgood fortune; blessingTiv
FIyabomother is reincarnated in meYoruba
MIyapomany trialsYoruba
FIyaraswift oneYoruba
FIyarinanever forgetsQuechua
FJaliaGod's gracious favorSwahili
FJaperaoffer thanksZimbabwe
FJatacelestial starKikuyu
MJatacelestial starKikuyu
FJehlanistrong; mightySwahili
MJelaborn when father's in prisonSwahili
FJivunato glow with prideSwahili
MJojoborn on MondayFante
FJubaborn on MondayAshanti
MJubaneis swiftZulu
MJumaborn on FridaySwahili
MKadonkechibitter soupMudama
MKafaEthiopian provinceEthiopian
MKaikaraGod in Bayoro traditionRunyoro
FKakenathe happy oneKikuyu
MKakurufirst of twinsRunyank.
MKakyomyaancient GodRunyoro
FKamarialike the moonSwahili
MKamauquiet warriorKikuyu
MKamipeople of eastern TanzaniaTanzanian
FKanyabeautiful ebonyHausa
FKapukifirst-born daughterSwahili
MKarutundalittle personRunyank.
MKarwanaborn during wartimeRutooro
FKasindaour last babyUmbundu
MKayinlong-hoped for childYoruba
MKayodehe brought joyYoruba
MKayongagreat Ankole clan warriorRunyank.
MKeambiroiromountain of blacknessKikuyu
MKeanjahomountain of beansKikuyu
MKeanyandaarwumountain of hidesKikuyu
FKenurato have joyKikuyu
MKereenyagamountain of mysteryKenyan
FKesiborn during difficult timesSwahili
MKessechubby babyFante
MKhalfanidestined to ruleSwahili
FKibibilittle ladySwahili
MKibuukabrave Bugandan warriorLuganda
FKicheasun appears after the stormSwahili
MKidusathe many sacredAmharic
MKifedaonly boy among sistersLuo
FKifimbovery thin childSwahili
FKikawhat is greater than God?Ibo
FKilindaguard; protectorSwahili
FKilinyamountain of GodKamba
FKinjiathe path; the waySwahili
FKinshasacapital city of D.R.CongoAfrican
MKintufirst manUgandan
MKizzaborn after twinsUgandan
MKodwoborn on MondayTwi
FKoffiborn on FridaySwahili
MKofiborn on FridayTwi
MKosanaa leaderZulu
MKpodoelder of twinsEwe
MKroboriver in GhanaGhanan
FKuasastrength; powerShona
MKudaits God's intentionShona
FKumisawoman's word for courageZulu
MKunakahandsome oneShona
MKunlehome is filled with honorsYoruba
FKuntothird-born childTwi
FKushindasuccess; victorySwahili

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African Name Meaning List