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Boys Names Starting With R

Boys Names Starting with R: RE - RO

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M/F Baby Names Boys Names Starting With R Origin
MReilly, Rileycourageous, valiantIrish
MReinaardthe purifierDutch
MReinaldoking's advisorSpanish
MReinholdpowerful armySwedish
MRekurich & powerful rulerFinnish
MRemegiomans the oarsLatin
MRemifrom Rheims, FranceFrench
MRemigiomans the oarsLatin
MRemingtonwhere ravens aboundEnglish
MRemostrong manGreek
MRemusspeedy; quickLatin
MRemyfrom Rheims, FranceFrench
MRená nsealIrish
MRenaldoking's advisorSpanish
MRenardbold & courageousFrench
MRenardobold & courageousItalian
MRenaudbold & courageousFrench
MRenehas been rebornFrench
MRenfredlasting peaceEnglish
MRenfrewraven woodsWelsh
MRennysmall but strongIrish
MRenshawraven woodsEnglish
MRentonsettlement of the roe deerEnglish
MRenzocrowned with laurelsLatin
MReshadwise counselorAmerican
MRespicioI look behind meLatin
MRestitutohe who returns to GodLatin
MReubenbehold a sonHebrew
MReulefamous wolfFrench
MReuvenbehold a sonHebrew
MRexfordking's river crossingEnglish
MRextonking's estateEnglish
MReyking's advisorSpanish
MReyesswift moving streamEnglish
MReymondmighty, wise protectorEnglish
MReymundomighty, wise protectorSpanish
MReynaldoking's advisorSpanish
MReynardbold & courageousFrench
MReynoldking's advisorEnglish
MRezcopper; redheadHungarian
MRezinpleasant, delightfulHebrew
MRheosacred streamGreek
MRhettswift moving streamWelsh
MRhodeswhere roses growGreek
MRhyanlittle kingIrish
MRhysswift moving streamWelsh
MRianlittle kingIrish
MRibertobrilliant because of his powerGerman
MRicruler of the householdItalian
MRicardorich & powerful rulerSpanish
MRiccoruler of the householdItalian
MRicerich & nobleEnglish
MRichardrich & powerful rulerEnglish
MRichartrich & powerful rulerGerman
MRichieRichard; rich & powerful rulerEnglish
MRichmondpowerful protectorGerman
MRickrich & powerful rulerGerman
MRickardrich & powerful rulerSwedish
MRickerpowerful armyEnglish
MRickeyrich & powerful rulerEnglish
MRickwardmighty guardianEnglish
MRiddocksmooth fieldIrish
MRidgeridge of a cliffEnglish
MRidgeleymeadow near the cliff's ridgeEnglish
MRidgewaypath along the ridgeEnglish
MRidleymeadow of reedsEnglish
MRieldevoted to GodSpanish
MRigbyruler's valleyEnglish
MRigobertosplendid wealthGerman
MRikersomeone who hauls thingsAmerican
MRimonpomegranate fruitHebrew
MRinaldoking's advisorItalian
MRindiwalks without fearShona
MRingopeace be with youJapanese
MRiordanroyal poetIrish
MRipripe; full grownDutch
MRipleymeadow near the riverEnglish
MRiquirich & powerful rulerSpanish
MRishadwise counselorAmerican
MRisleymeadow with shrubsEnglish
MRistofollower of ChristFinnish
MRistonsettlement near the shrubsEnglish
MRitchardrich & powerful rulerEnglish
MRitchierich & powerful rulerEnglish
MRitterknight; chivalrousGerman
MRiverriver; riverbankEnglish
MRizieriarmy of the leaderGerman
MRoantree with red berriesEnglish
MRoanoreddish brown skin toneSpanish
MRoarkefamous rulerIrish
MRobfamous brillianceEnglish
MRobbiefamous, brillianceEnglish
MRobertfamous brillianceEnglish
MRobertofamous brillianceItalian
MRobertsson of RobertEnglish
MRobertsonson of RobertEnglish
MRobinfamous brillianceEnglish
MRobinsonson of RobinEnglish
MRobustianostrong as an oak treeLatin
MRobynfamous brillianceEnglish
MRochesterrocky fortressEnglish
MRockrocky springEnglish
MRockfordrocky fordEnglish
MRocklandrocky landEnglish
MRockledgerocky ledgeEnglish
MRockleyrocky fieldEnglish
MRockwellrocky springEnglish
MRodfamous rulerEnglish
MRodanfertile earth; fertilitySerbian
MRodaswhere roses growGreek
MRoddyfamous rulerEnglish
MRodenhearty; livelyGaelic
MRoderichfamous rulerGerman
MRoderickfamous rulerGerman
MRodgerfamous spearmanGerman
MRodmanfamous spearmanGerman
MRodneyisland clearingEnglish
MRodolfoshield wolfSpanish
MRodrickfamous rulerGerman
MRodrigofamous rulerSpanish
MRodriguesson of RodrigoSpanish

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BoysNames Starting With R