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Boy Names Starting With R

Boy Names Starting with R: RE - RO

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Discover Boy Names Starting with R   & other fantastic boy names at Top 100 Baby Names Search. You might just find that one of these great names is just the right blend of exotic "perfect-ness"... exactly what you were looking for. Well, at the very least a few of these great gems might make it to your short list.

So, in that same spirit of carefulness we at Top 100 Baby Names Search present you with the following list... Enjoy and don't hesitate to take a look at the entire website. Look carefully... One of these great boy names starting with R, just might be your baby's name. So feel free to browse away.

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M/F Baby Names Boy Names Starting With R Origin
MRodrikfamous rulerGerman
MRodriquezson of RodrigoSpanish
MRoeroe deerEnglish
MRoganred-haired; ruddy complexionIrish
MRogeliofamous warriorSpanish
MRogerfamous spearmanGerman
MRohinupward pathHindu
MRohitbig & beautiful fishHindu
MRojeliofamous warriorSpanish
MRokurosixth sonJapanese
MRolánfamous throughout the landSpanish
MRolandfamous throughout the countryGerman
MRolfwolf counselorGerman
MRollandfamous throughout the landGerman
MRollewolf counselorSwedish
MRollinfamous throughout the landEnglish
MRollofamous throughout the landEnglish
MRolonfamous wolfSpanish
MRomainfrom Rome, ItalyFrench
MRomanfrom Rome, ItalyLatin
MRomanosfrom Rome, ItalyGreek
MRomariopilgrim to Rome, ItalyItalian
MRomeapilgrim to Rome, ItalyLatin
MRomelcitizen of Rome, ItalyLatin
MRomelioGod's very beloved oneHebrew
MRomelocitizen of Rome, ItalyItalian
MRomeopilgrim to Rome, ItalyItalian
MRomeropilgrim to Rome, ItalyLatin
MRomisprout; butterbur flowerJapanese
MRomildoglorious heroGerman
MRomneywinding riverWelsh
MRomualdothe glorious kingGerman
MRomulohe who is full of strengthGreek
MRomuluscitizen of RomeLatin
MRomyfrom Rome, ItalyItalian
MRonándark sealIrish
MRonaldadvisor to the kingScottish
MRonanlegendary seal childIrish
MRondela short poemFrench
MRondella short poemFrench
MRonelsong of the LordHebrew
MRonela short poemAmerican
MRonimy song; my joyHebrew
MRoninsamurai without a master Japanese
MRonnieking's advisorScottish
MRonnyadvisor to the kingScottish
MRonsonson of RonaldScottish
MRonymy song, my joyHebrew
MRooseveltfield of rosesDutch
MRoperrope makerEnglish
MRoryfamous rulerGerman
MRosendothe excellent masterGerman
MRoshadwise counselorAmerican
MRoshanilluminated oneHindu
MRoshaniilluminated oneHindu
MRosheanRo + SheanAmerican
MRossrose flowerLatin
MRosswellspringtime of rosesEnglish
MRoswaldfield of rosesEnglish
MRothred-haired; ruddy complexionGerman
MRowantree with red berriesEnglish
MRowdyunruly; rowdyAmerican
MRowellroe deer's watering placeEnglish
MRowlandrough landEnglish
MRowleyrough meadowEnglish
MRowsonson the redheadEnglish
MRoxburyrook's town or fortressEnglish
MRoxeliofamous warriorGerman
MRoykingly, royalFrench
MRoyalkingly, royalFrench
MRoyceson of RoyEnglish
MRoydenrye hillEnglish
MRuairi famous rulerIrish
MRuarired king, great kingIrish
MRubenbehold a sonHebrew
MRubybehold a sonHebrew
MRuddred enclosureEnglish
MRudecindothe excellent masterSpanish
MRudifamous wolfSpanish
MRudigerfamous warriorGerman
MRudolffamous wolfGerman
MRudolphfamous wolfGerman
MRudolphofamous wolfItalian
MRudyfamous wolfEnglish
MRudyardpond with red carpEnglish
MRuebenbehold a sonHebrew
MRuellefamous wolfFrench
MRufordred ford; ford with reedsEnglish
MRugbyrook fortressEnglish
MRuggeriofamous spearmanItalian
MRukoriver of lifeShona
MRulandfamous throughout the landGerman
MRumfordwide river crossingEnglish
MRupertfamous brillianceGerman
MRupertofamous brillianceItalian
MRuprechtfamous brillianceGerman
MRushfordriver crossing near the rushesEnglish
MRusktwisted breadSpanish
MRussredhead; fox coloredFrench
MRusselredhead; fox coloredFrench
MRussellredhead; fox coloredFrench
MRustinredhead; fox coloredFrench
MRustyredhead; fox coloredFrench
MRutgerfamous spearmanDutch
MRutherfordcattle fordEnglish
MRutledgered ledgeEnglish
MRutleyred meadow; meadow of reedsEnglish
MRuyfamous rulerSpanish
MRuyanlittle kingSpanish
MRyanlittle kingIrish
MRyannlittle kingIrish
MRycroftrye fieldEnglish
MRyea grain used in cerealEnglish
MRyenlittle kingIrish
MRyersonson of RiderEnglish
MRyeseswift moving streamEnglish
MRykera popular surnameAmerican
MRylanestate where rye is grownEnglish
MRylerye hillEnglish
MRymanrye merchantEnglish
MRynelittle kingIrish

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Boy Names Starting with R