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Girls Names That Start With M

Girls Names That Start with M: MA - ME

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M/F Baby Names Girls Names That Start With M Origin
FMaricarmenMary + CarmenAmerican
FMaricruzMaria + CruzSpanish
FMariebitter; sea of bitternessFrench
FMarie AnneMarie + AnneAmerican
FMarie ChantalMarie + ChantalFrench
FMarie ChristiMarie + ChristiAmerican
FMarie ClaireMarie + ClairAmerican
FMarie FrancesMarie + FrancesFrench
FMarie JeanneMarie + JeanneAmerican
FMarie MichelleMarie + MichelleAmerican
FMarie PhilippaMarie + PhilippaFrench
FMarijabitter; sea of bitternessHebrew
FMarikabitter; sea of bitternessDutch
FMarikopure knowledgeJapanese
FMarilouiseMary + LouiseAmerican
FMarilynMary + LynnEnglish
FMarinasea; oceanLatin
FMarindaevening starShona
FMarinellesea; oceanAmerican
FMariolabitter; sea of bitternessItalian
FMariquillabitter; sea of bitternessSpanish
FMarissea; oceanLatin
FMarisolsunny seaSpanish
FMarizasea; oceanLatin
FMarjabitter; sea of bitternessFinnish
FMarjahthe hopeArabic
FMarkiamartial; warlikeAmerican
FMarkiamartial; warlikeLatin
FMarlahigh towerEnglish
FMarleehigh towerEnglish
FMarlenahigh towerGerman
FMarlenehigh towerGreek
FMarlynMarilyn; Mary + LynnHebrew
FMaroulabitter; sea of bitternessGreek
FMarquettamartial; warlikeSpanish
FMarshamartial; warlikeEnglish
FMarshaecaretaker of horsesAmerican
FMartiamartial; warlikeLatin
FMartylady; sorrowfulEnglish
FMary KatherineMary + KatherineAmerican
FMaryahpurity; bright whitenessArabic
FMaryambitter; sea of bitternessHebrew
FMarybethMary + BethAmerican
FMaryellenMary + EllenAmerican
FMarylouMary + LouAmerican
FMaryssasea; oceanLatin
FMasadastrong foundationHebrew
FMasamitruth; correctnessJapanese
FMasanigap between the teethLuganda
FMaseotared medicine womanCheyenne
FMashamashe is a surpriseAfrican
FMashauvachubby cheeksAmerican
FMashikaborn during rainy seasonSwahili
FMasielfrom the starsEnglish
FMathieugift of GodFrench
FMatthewgift of GodHebrew
FMatushapowerful battlerSpanish
FMatxalenhigh towerBasque
FMaudehigh towerEnglish
FMaudisasweet oneXhosa
FMaurisedark and radiant skinFrench
FMavissong thrushEnglish
FMawiyaessence of lifeArabic
FMayamother; grandmotherGreek
FMaylynMay + LynnAmerican
FMayoreebeautiful oneTai
FMckailawho is like God?American
FMckellwho is like God?American
FMckenziechild of the wise leaderIrish
FMckinleychild of the wise leaderScottish
FMeadhoney wineGreek
FMechellewho is like God?French
FMedaprophet; priestessNat. Amer.
FMeenablue semiprecious stoneHindi
FMeganpearl; greatGreek
FMegeanpearl; greatAmerican
FMeghanpearl; greatWelsh
FMehrikind; lovablePersian
FMeishareward; paymentLatin
FMeishanvirtuous beautyMandarin
FMekeraable to tell the future; a sorcererAmharic
FMelaneybig black eyesGreek
FMelbathin Australian toastAustralian

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Girls Names That Start With M