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Girls Names Starting With B

Girls Names Starting with B: 

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When I was naming my children I tried to gather a large list of very cute & popular baby names that were slightly different, perhaps in their spelling or pronunciation. I just wanted something that would stand out a bit from the crowd without making my children subject to ridicule.

So, we at Top 100 Baby Names Search have tried very hard to keep that spirit in mind when designing this website. We wanted to make gathering that special list of Girls Names Starting With B - much, much easier for you than it was for me. So, welcome and feel free to browse this baby names list below. Then venture out to the rest of the website! Enjoy...

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M/F Baby Names Girls Names Starting With B Origin
FBraedenbroad hillEnglish
FBraelynBraeden + LynnAmerican
FBramandaBrahman's egg; universeSanskrit
FBramanisoul expressionSanskrit
FBramayagrowth and developmentSanskrit
FBrandenbeacon valleyEnglish
FBrandennetype of liqueurAmerican
FBrandonbeacon valleyEnglish
FBrandy-LynnBrandy + LynnAmerican
FBraxtonBrock's townEnglish
FBraynastrong & virtuousAmerican
FBreestrong & virtuousEnglish
FBreeastrong & virtuousAmerican
FBreeanstrong & virtuousIrish
FBreeanastrong & virtuousIrish
FBreezelight wind; carefreeEnglish
FBrenalittle ravenIrish
FBrendalittle ravenIrish
FBrenda-LeeBrenda & LeeAmerican
FBrennanlittle ravenEnglish
FBreoniastrong, virtuousIrish
FBreqlynnBrook + LynnAmerican
FBrettefrom BritainIrish
FBrianastrong & virtuousEnglish
FBriancastrong & virtuousIrish
FBriannastrong & virtuousIrish
FBriannestrong & virtuousAmerican
FBricealert, ambitiousWelsh
FBriciastrong & virtuousSpanish
FBrideylittle birdAmerican
FBriea type of cheeseFrench
FBrieanaBrie + AnnAmerican
FBrieltype of cheeseFrench
FBriennestrong & virtuousFrench
FBrigettestrong womanFrench
FBrightonbright townEnglish
FBrigitstrong womanFrench
FBrillanafrom the city of BrillEnglish
FBrionastrong, virtuousIrish
FBristolsite of the bridgeEnglish
FBritastrong womanIrish
FBritaneyfrom Great BritainEnglish
FBritanyfrom Great BritainEnglish
FBritinfrom Great BritainEnglish
FBritishfrom Great BritainEnglish
FBritneyfrom Great BritainEnglish
FBritonfrom Great BritainEnglish
FBrittfrom Great BritainSwedish
FBrittanfrom Great BritainEnglish
FBrittanicafrom Great BritainEnglish
FBrittannyfrom Great BritainEnglish
FBrittenfrom Great BritainEnglish
FBrittonfrom Great BritainEnglish
FBrittonyfrom Great BritainEnglish
FBrodiea heavy work shoeIrish
FBrontethunder; bestowerGreek
FBrookbrook, streamEnglish
FBrookebrook or streamEnglish
FBrooke-LynnBrook + LynnAmerican
FBrooklinBrook + LynnAmerican
FBrooklynBrook + LynnAmerican
FBrunhildaarmored warriorGerman
FBryanastrong, virtuousIrish
FBryannestrong virtuousIrish
FBryleeletter B + RileyAmerican
FBrynfrom the boundary lineLatin
FBrynastrong & virtuousLatin
FBrynaestrong & virtuousAmerican
FBrynnefrom the boundary lineLatin
FBryttanifrom Great BritainEnglish
FBryttnifrom Great BritainEnglish
FBudhakaenlightened oneSanskrit
FBudhanaenlightened; aware oneSanskrit
FBudhilaawakened; enlightened oneSanskrit
FBudhitaawakened; enlightened oneSanskrit
FBudhyaenlightened oneSwahili
FBuffybuffalo; from the plainsAmerican
FBurgundyregion in France know for wineFrench
FBurnetiabringer of victoryAmerican
FBurnicebringer of victoryAmerican
FBusaraone with practical wisdomSwahili
FBusejeask meYao
FBuselaindependent and happyZulu
FBushragood omenArabic
FButhanayahaving a beautiful bodyArabic

*Girls Names Starting with B compiled by research & survey

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Girls Names Starting With B